And then there was darkness.


This is the story of an experiment.
It is a story of an initiation. Could become yours as well.

Right, YOU might become an integral part of this story. And of this world. As long as you are willing to embark on such an adventure. And what an adventure it is.

For so much of wasteland2570 happens live and is in constant development. There is no beta-testing. This is not a drill!

What we know so far.

First, we recommend you have a look at how it all began. The first two episodes framed the debut performance and show what Aeons of Ashes’ fans were confronted with at Freiraum St. Pölten. (Find more about the initial presentation here.)

So, just have a look at the two episodes first. This will only take a few minutes.

Still here? Excellent.

Now we got a glimpse of wasteland2570’s mysterious and alarmingly perilous character. We see what unites the characters in this post-apocalyptic world. How the loss of the societal window dressing brings these strangers closer together. And that despite their sudden change of environment they have the will to persevere.

A dark awakening.

New wastelanders are without any idea of how or why they ended up there. They have a collection of rather vague memories concerning their former lives, in societies very similar to some from our reality. Maybe it is even grace that covers the characters remembrances in a quivering haze. But we understand that their spontaneous appearance in wasteland followed times of serious personal turmoil.

Only scattered images and occasional scenes from their former lives appear now and again, their seeming scarcity a trade for their frightening clarity. The recent rise in the number of deja-vus and intense dreams is corroborated by many wastelanders.

First achievements.

Five men of the “The Inner Circle” were the first ones to arrive and to set up a very basic infrastructure. d0ck3r has managed to repair and (re)construct technical devices of all kinds amazingly fast. Various obscure plant cultures of spr0ut seem to literally sprout at will. Initial community building measures by the GrandMæster and St0nes are flourishing to a remarkable degree. g8s however seems to draw a lot of strength from nature and certain spirits.

And more people were about to arrive. Shad0w and feAther were the first player characters to appear in an episode.

In the following weeks, more wastelanders arrived, and many of them soon found their mission. They specialised in one skill or the other, earning their spot in the “wasteland collective”. It might surprise you how fast achievements can be obtained in wasteland2570. But maybe our newcomers are just very talented. Or maybe the laws of nature do not work exactly as we know them from “our” world? Unknown energies and the long forgotten secret knowledge of ancient civilizations might be waiting to be discovered …

Now, have a short look at some character’s experiences and arrivals in the “wasteland collective”.

To all those who desire deeper knowledge, we recommend The Chronicles of Season 1.

A whole lot of mystery remains.

All the characters unexpectedly awoke within the last moons and were mostly busy securing their survival or trying to become an integral part of the “wasteland collective”. So there has not been much time for mapping the nearby areas, exploring the peculiarities of wasteland nature or interpreting the enigmatic currents of energy.

However, traces of other, uncanny characters and abandoned cities have recently appeared. Pristine infrastructure and civilisation in wasteland seem to have collapsed. Because of the many dangers and the scarcity of resources, the few people who awoke in wasteland2570 have joined forces to form groups and survival communities. And most of them are aiming to strengthen their "clan" with suitable newcomers.

In the desperate struggle for survival, people tend to cling to anything that gives them hope. Some might describe the inexplicable events that seem to be increasingly common as supernatural or "magic“.

The music video „Shift of Perspective“, released on November 21st, 2020 set an end to Season 1.

And somehow bleeded into the Episode 01 of Season 2 - "Liminality". We assume that time is not linear, and this is certainly true for the wasteland2570 video storyline.

Time to dive in.

Now you are thinking about bringing your own character to wasteland2570. Are we right? Just check if you meet at least one of the following requirements.

  • You can see yourself thriving as fighter, explorer, agriculturalist, inventor, merchant, artisan, researcher, practicioner of magic, healer, ranger (or one of a myriad of other vocations)?
  • You want to appear in a video as your character? Or uncover some of the secrets that wasteland offers? Write for wasteland2570? Or try some new pen & paper role-play system?
  • You want to join a growing community of nerdy metalheads in a unique underground art project?
  • You want to dive into a world where your daring and wit is required?

Then let’s do this. Go, create your wasteland character.
We’ll guide you through.