Inner Circle of the wasteland collective. Mentor of Shamanistic representation.

"Fate is an illusion. All there is is choice."
"The answer will reveal once the time is right."
"Wake up ... Arise... Thrive..."
"I can feel your anxiety and I can offer you a choice."
"Follow the signs and you will find me. Either way, we will meet again ..."

The uncanny shaman with the uneven eyes is supposed to have come to a deeper understanding or knowledge of the mysterious energy that seems almost omnipresent in wasteland2570 but is still elusive and hard to sense. And even harder to control, of course.

Apparently g8s has developed a sixth sense for detecting and using this power. Some of his rituals resemble archaic shamanistic practices from another world, and he is clearly using various amulets and items to channel this enigmatic energy. (All for the sake of the collective, we hope.)

g8s is sending out messages from time to time, some of them decoded, others only to be understood on a deeper level of consciouseness. All those daring enough might seek him out to pass his examination of the spirit and maybe gain deeper insights into their presence.


{g8s Blog Entry 002}

Wake up ... 
Arise ... 
Thrive ... 

I can see you. 
I can feel your anxiety and I can offer you a choice. 

Like seeds in the field, there is life all around us. 
Some will grow with pure heart, pure mind and pure thought. 
Others not so much ... 

What will it be? 
Who do you want to become? 

Follow the signs and you will find me. 
Either way, we will meet again ... 

{g8s Blog Entry 001}

The dawn of a new day ... 
What will it bring? 

The dark shrouds of last night are falling as the sun rises … 
Weird dreams have haunted me, but wait … I remember the realms of our ancestors. 

I‘ve seen THE ESSENCE flowing through realms of men and forgotten ghosts ... 
But THE ESSENCE was somehow altered ... 

I‘ve seen my first TREEGATE been attacked by this DARK POWER, and only with the help of THE DRYADS and THE ESSENCE of my fallen masters, I was able to defeat THEM (whoever they are) and protect our gate! 

So all of you out there, who are sensitive to THE ESSENCE, be aware! 
There are dark forces which also can manipulate and use THE ESSENCE! 
Check the Gates before you use them! 

We are not alone anymore...