The dawn of a new age.

Once you got stranded here, you might as well take a look and get a first impression of wasteland2570.
But be warned. It is a mysterious and dangerous place.

wasteland2570 is an experimental storytelling and role-play project by Austrian metal band Aeons of Ashes .

The postapocalyptic world of wasteland2570 is about to grow continually. More and more details will be added over time.
New quests will arise. New characters will appear. The plot will thicken. More and more content will develop.

Dive in.

Even YOU might become an integral part of this world. As long as you are willing to embark on such an adventure. And an adventure it truely is – also for the creators of the world. For everything is live and in development. There is no beta-testing. This is not a drill!

Remember to keep your eyes and ears open and stay focused at any time.
Only the sharpest minds will be able to survive – and to find and decipher the keys.

So it begins.

As soon as you found out at least one of the hidden keys , you can create your own wasteland character .

Be blessed with inspiration,
dream big and live deeply.

Follow the leads and the truth shall be yours.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Prophecy 1

Prophecy 2