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A whole new world to discover

wasteland2570 is an interactive art project about a world similar to ours, just set in a post-apocyalyptic fantasy universe. It was created from scratch by the Austrian metal band AEONS OF ASHES. Apart from the music, the project includes videos, storytelling, mystery elements, and ambient sounds. And even its own pen-and-paper role-playing game.

Metalheads, fans of fiction and creative minds in general are invited to join the wasteland collective. Create your own character or contribute to world-building behind the scenes. Play act in videos, scout for lost places, immerse into role-play, craft costumes and tools, develop magic rituals to please The Old Gods, create graphic arts, or simply write your own stories. It is up to you.

This is wasteland2570

At first sight, anything about wasteland2570 might seem slightly confusing. But then, what else would you expect, awakening in a post-apocalyptic world? Anyway, a short overview of the story so far could be a good point to enter the wasteland. Another take would be to have a look at the characters. Also, our FAQ might help you to gain a foothold in this world.

And there is a lot more to discover in wasteland2570. Even if some details do not make much sense on the first glance, there might be a deeper meaning behind. We recommend to pay close attention to each and every detail and any enigmatic hint you come across. It might prove helpful at times, or even save your character's life.


Watching this introduction video will take about 10 minutes. But should you get hooked on wasteland2570, it might change your life. Do not say you haven't been warned once you find yourself desperately looking for keys, trying to deciphering hidden messages in the middle of the night or performing in an video as your own character in a lost place.

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