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Objective observers would claim that wasteland2570 started off as just a staging/enactment idea of some slightly worn-out Austrian metal band trying to breathe new life into their performance.

And that it went a bit off the rails when the band members and first helpers started enjoying this a bit too much. One idea led to another and eventually the band and their associates ended up in fascination with building their unique world, creating various storylines, characters, settings, visuals, sounds effects and meta plots.

„This is just the beginning of an experiment.“

wasteland2570 was first revealed to the public on November 23rd, 2019 when Aeons of Ashes played a live show in their hometown St. Pölten, Lower Austria. The whole project might be regarded as a new concept that combines music and storytelling with an interactive, roleplay-esque approach on community building.

It is possible to just follow the mystery-based story inspired by a post-apocalyptic setting. Or, you can also become a part of this world and create your own character. Not only are players able to interact and trade information with others, there is a lot more to discover.

Players are able to accept quests. Hidden codes are waiting to be deciphered. Clues can be found all over social media postings, blog entries, videos, song lyrics. The more tasks a player completes, the more his clearance level will rise and he will gain access to new features and background information.

And since wasteland2570 is inspired by role-play, the interaction of each and any player character might to a degree change the main story as well as the bigger picture.

And then what happened?

The whole story-driven world of wasteland2570 is meant to continuously grow and develop. The story will continue and branch. More and more content will be created and added over time.

Fans of the band, metalheads from all over the world, role-play enthusiasts and other followers are welcome to dive in, let their imagination run wild and become part of the game.

Where might all this lead to? Only time will tell.

What we know so far.

We have experienced that wasteland2570 is a mysterious and perilous post-apocalyptic world. What unites all the characters here is the fact that they found themselves in their new environment like overnight. Without any idea how or why they ended up there.

With rather vague memories of their former lives, in a society very similar to Earth but without exact cultural or political coordinates. At least these remembrances are covered by a mysterious grey wobble in the characters‘ minds.

Only individual images and occasional scenes from their former lives appear now and again in frightening clarity. Recently, these have increasingly led to deja-vus and intense dreams.

Is there a reason?

Critical spirits have already expressed the question as to whether these blurred memories of the characters of their former lives actually represent experienced events. Or whether they might not also be a – possibly externally manipulated? – mental projection.

However, all characters seem to have one thing in common. Their spontaneous "teleportation" to wasteland2570 occurred just in times of a serious personal crisis.

A dark awakening.

Since all the characters unexpectedly woke up here within the last weeks and were mostly busy securing their survival at first perspective, a lot of information on wasteland2570 lies still unclear and undiscovered.

Former cities seem abandoned, pristine infrastructure has completely collapsed. Because of the many dangers and the scarcity of resources, the few people who have awakened in wasteland2570 have joined forces to form groups and survival communities. And most of them are aiming to strengthen their "clan" with suitable newcomers.

In the desperate struggle for survival, people tend to cling to anything that gives them hope. Some might describe the inexplicable events that seem to be increasing as "magic“.

Scientific explanations anyone?

d0ck3r has managed to build a stable electricity grid in the wasteland collective headquarters amazingly fast. Various obscure plant cultures of spr0ut seem to literally sprout at will. Initial community building measures by the GrandMæster and St0nes are flourishing to a remarkable degree. g8s however seems to draw a lot of strength from his stones and amulets.

And who are we to tell whether the laws of nature work in a parallel world just like our characters were used to from their former lives. Unknown energies and the long forgotten secret knowledge of ancient civilizations might be waiting to be discovered...