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{The GrandMæster Blog Entry 005}

There are theories that we exist in a world created through causal chains, meaning a sequence of events that leads to a particular incident. Everything that happens does so for a reason, nothing occurs in a vacuum. We may or may not be able to see these causal chains clearly, but they are always present.

There are other theories claiming that fate, or determination, is a lie and everything is based on cosmic chaos.

Once I claimed „Everything is connected“. Looking at current events, I am not so sure about that anymore. And even if I knew, it would not be my task to convince you of either option.

All we have are theories. Still we have to make a decision. A decision that might have a severe influence on the wasteland collective‘s future. I can feel it in my dreams, as I can smell it in the air and in the pines.

My best intuition is to let the majority decide. And be it only based on our lack of certainty. May it be the right one, what ever this means for the wasteland collective. And may the Old Gods guide our way to a bright future.

- The GrandMæster

{feAther Blog Entry 004}

What will be the wasteland collective decision?

Dear collective members, 

as we already know, the Prophets of Ashfaroth suspected us of stealing books from their library. Well, to be clear: in fact, we do currently possess them after a trip to Ashville. Our new member f4v5t made valuable points in his expertise. The knowledge contained in their books is, according to our analysis, most likely NOT the intellectual property of the Ashville inhabitants and therefore not their exclusive property. Therefore, each and every collective member, not to say each and every inhabitant of wasteland, should have access to this pioneering wisdom. 

I would also like to point out that in my latest vision, wasteland members tried out the possibilities of magically imprinting the contents into the minds of collective members. Another alternative approach, based on an idea of 5OULM4T3 and Ch4r0n, was to perpetuate the vibrations of the sounds on objects by reading the writings out aloud. For both cases, the identical result was: in the remaining time and due to our current knowledge and resources, these plans would not work out as planned. 

Even more alarmingly, in the very same vision, our headquarters was on fire, not to say completely burning down after some kind of explosion. This could have shown the consequences of an attack. But also, strange people, possibly mages or members of a cult, appeared in the vision – maybe former inhabitants of wasteland we did not have the chance to meet yet? Perhaps we should seek them out? 

My point of view is clear in any case: I do not want to give the books to Ashville just like that. Personally, I absolutely agree with f4v5t on this subject. Since, as the vision suggests, this might turn out as an important decision for our whole collective, we should all take a vote. Or discuss further suggestions, even when time is running out. 

So, first proposals from the Squad of Zombies who secured the books in the first step, are … 

1. We try to store as much of the content as possible (in heads or objects, depending on the possibilities). Even despite my vision and the GrandMæster’s evaluation that this will hardly possible in limited time and with even more limited resources. 

2. We ignore the threats and do not respond to the letter. 

3. We respond to the letter and pretend not to know a thing about the matter. We can keep as an option to offer our help to retrieve the books later. 

4. We look for allies in wasteland. Especially after my vision of other obviously magically gifted wasteland inhabitants. 

5. We offer Ashville to share our knowledge, as well as with all other cities and/or inhabitants of wasteland. 

6. We attack Ashville before they can attack us. 

7. We seek negotiation and alliance (while keeping in mind that they seem to be dealing with dark magic or even worse to influence others through it). 

All your feedback would be appreciated. I do not have to emphasise the urgency of a decision. So I would like to ask you to all vote for one or more of the proposals above. 

Furthermore, I call on you to keep in mind that we choose how to react. If the choice is fear, we become vulnerable to the darkness. 

May the Raven watch over all of us, 

{f4v5t Blog Entry 001}

The Prophets of Ashfaroth's letter to the wasteland collective

So, The Prophets of Ashfaroth have asked us to return "stolen" books from "their" library. The Prophets of Ashfaroth therefore claim that we stole their books.

Where do they derive this claim from? "Stealing" presupposes that the item had been the property of another person and was wrongfully taken. On what do they base their claim? 

Consequently knowledge gained from these books would belong only to them? Knowledge must be accessible to every person, regardless of their descent, beliefs or affiliation! Especially if it concerns such valuable knowledge from our common past. 

All of us are in research of where we came from, who we were and what happened before. The Prophets of Ashfaroth allow this knowledge to be shared only among the citizens of Ashville respectively their sinister cult. This is unacceptable! 

With clear conscience, we can justify that the Prophets of Astaroth have unjustly appropriated this knowledge, these books, themselves. They themselves have stolen it from generality by locking it away. A squad of our fellow wasteland collective members has merely given us access to knowledge that already belongs to us, to all citizens of the wasteland. 

I thus hold that no wrong has been done. Therefore, let us keep the knowledge that is ours, even if only by writing transcripts. But we shall never have this knowledge locked away, such as The Prophets of Ashfaroth did. Only then, we could be charged with a crime. 

Therefore, I recommend to refuse the return of the books and instead making them accessible to everyone here wasteland. Let us stand up for it and defend the right of knowledge.

In a new world order, the right of the strongest is to be replaced by the strength of justice.

signed f4v5t

PS: The oh so wise Prophets of Ashfaroth did not specify from when to count the 7 days.

{staTTer Blog Entry 038}

wasteland2570, as the grandmaester tends to call these lands, should boast about the tenacity of its inhabitants. met many of them, the tenacious living and the tenacious dead. no inferi, zombies, draugr or liches seem to be tolerated.

another thing that doesn't happen often is "cross dimensional incursion" with a way back to wherever. welcome to the blind alley, where the will of the world and the travellers will to leave, seem to be at an impasse. travellers use travel-guides, be they persons or books. 

this one seemed to be called "Doctor Styx" using a travelguide from the continent. PANTERION, declassified from TOP SECRET MAJESTIC OCTARIN DELTA P-1. seems like this doctor person could not return and perished. 

guess i'll keep the walking stick and travelguide, this "Augenfeld" person certainly knows his stuff. there have always been incursions. people tend to arrive and as the worldtree yields some of its fruit gifts have been exchanged, issues will be resolved. the means might alter their guise and outcomes will vary... scores shall be settled!

{s33k3r Blog Entry 002}

Today me and Luna, my beloved dog, wandered through the woods. Suddenly she stopped, looked up to the trees and tried to catch the smell of an unknown visitor.

After some time of searching the treetops, I saw the reason why my friend was so excited. There was a little fluffy something on the tree just next to us! With a closer look I found out that it was a squirrel.

Maybe even THE squirrel feAther was so concerned about lately?
I have to ask her if this beautiful something we saw is her little friend.

Maybe even THE Squirrel?

{feAther Blog Entry 003}

I already told you: there are powerful forces of evil in the world. It is some men's fate to confront great darkness. We each choose how to react. If our choice is fear, then we become vulnerable to darkness. 

I have seen them and the city behind which the lava flows. I have heard the pounding of the machines and the shots. I have made friends with the dre4mc4tcher and encountered an old acquaintance that I will have met. He sent his "warmest regards to the seer" and told me to "stay free of vermin" ...

My dreams lead me even closer to the action and envisioned the scarecrow's story. 

But now I have to get back to the collective and tell them that ...

{TR!NiTY Blog Entry 002}

It’s dawn, almost nightfall already. Tonight will be a full moon again. 
I know I won’t find any sleep, any rest tonight. 

Too many questions, thoughts, emotions keep hunting me. Too much that I don’t really want to think of, as of yet. At the same time, I feel myself being pulled outside, out in those seemingly endless woods. 

Sometimes, my mind is filled with a mixture of  peacefulness and quietness on the one hand and endless darkness and danger on the other hand. There’s something thrilling and exciting about that mixture. Even addictive.

Do you know the feeling when you jump off a cliff into unknown waters below? Seconds of falling, disorientation, you don’t know what to expect in those unknown waters below. Such thoughts are rushing through your mind, fast as lighting strikes. That's when you feel alive.

What exactly will await you in those waters below? How deep are they? How dark are they? Too dark for you to be able to see anything? Is something lurking in those waters, waiting to drag you deeper down? Will you ever emerge to the surface of the water again? Or will you not even come this far and just straight away shatter on the surface like broken glass? 

At the same time, you feel the adrenaline kicking in. Rushing through your body, your entire system in full action. As a consequence, you feel yourself being strangely pulled to those unknown waters. Your curiosity takes the better of you and you’re just dying to find out the answers to all those questions. To experience the adrenaline rush at first hand. Again and again. 

There’s something out there, something that needs yet to be discovered. And I’m curious about it. 

{TR!NiTY Blog Entry 001}

I could stare at the water forever. Such beauty, such quietness and yet such a power lies within this lake. 

The water seems so calm, so still, so soothing in its quietness. I wonder if it’s trying to lure you in.

To step in the water, further and further, go deeper and deeper until you find yourself being trapped. Drowning in the depths of those deep, dark waters. Completely surrounded and swallowed by the darkness around you. 

I can’t withhold a chuckle at that thought. Funny to think of something like this at the sight of a beautiful, calm lake. Coincidence? 

Because are there not depths of darkness within every person, every one of us? I feel something deep, rising within my subconsciousness at that thought. I quickly push these feelings and thoughts aside. There’s no time for that now. I have more urgent questions at the moment. 

One question keeps buzzing in my head like an alarm clock. How did I get here? And where did I come from? I can’t remember anything aside from seeing that beautiful lake. I have no memories from before, none at all. As if my conscious thinking began right at the moment where I saw that lake. Did I wake up here? But it can’t be, something must have happened before. I feel there’s more behind that question. Something I need to remember. But it feels almost as if something is blocking my memory.

I feel uneasy all of a sudden. As if an alarm just got on in my head, telling me to be careful. I feel myself being watched. As if eyes were staring at me, watching me, piercing right through me from somewhere behind me. 

I turn around, alarmed. But there’s nothing there, absolutely nothing or no one to be seen. Still, I can feel it so clearly now. Not like eyes as I thought before, more like a kind of dark aura creeping in on me. 

I got so absorbed in my own thoughts that I hadn’t noticed before. I have to be more careful of my surroundings. 

There is something dark out there, I can feel it. I shouldn’t stay here. I should go.

{Shad0w Blog Entry 005}

Took a quick stroll around my shop today. GrandMæster encouraged me to get outside. I’m still not convinced. But I saw a flock of crows. Almost seemed like they've been waiting for me. 
Crows always make me think of feAther.
Oh fuck, she's calling me.

Almost seemed like they've been waiting for me.

{m0rl0ck Blog Entry 002}

Am I insane?

I was sent out by the GrandMaester to explore the area and gather supplies along with the Squad Of Bees. I had a really strange out-of-body experience on that journey. It felt like I was able to look into the future for a few seconds. 

Back then I thought I was hallucinating. I’ve eaten a lot of wild plants I don’t know since I’m here, so I supposed that it was just a side effect of my nutrition.

After that journey I spent a lot of time alone in the wilderness trying to understand what happened out there. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I tried to force another vision just to make sure I’m not crazy. I'd almost given up when it suddenly happened. Then the feeling was back! 

I somehow left my body and witnessed myself walking through the woods. All of a sudden I was back in my body. I was still on the same spot. Immediately I followed the way I saw in my vision. That way ended at an old ruin. I could feel that something was hidden between the bricks. When I checked the wall, I found a small golden object. Finally, something tangible!

I have seen such a thing before. I think it’s a compass. As far as I can remember, the needle should always point north, but this needle sometimes seems to change direction, just for the blink of an eye. Maybe there is some kind of connection between the compass and my visions?

I need more information about this visionary power. The GrandMaester told me that Fl!ck and feAther, two other members of the collective, have greater knowledge about visionary skills. I really need to talk to them.

{s33k3r Blog Entry 001}

Out exploring with the Squad of Bees (1/2)

I suddenly remember ...

We started our journey on a cloudy day in spring. At least we thought it was spring because the days were getting longer, and nature was blooming. 

It was a full moon's night, and the wind was blowing. Hard times were to come for the wastelanders. More people arriving meant more food was needed. So the main task of our quest was to explore and gather some food. Also some other things we needed for our daily survival.

If we were lucky, we even might get some other supplies for the collective, such as gas and fuel for d0ck3r's generator. 

Fl!ck, m0rl0ck, Shad0w and me had been chosen by the GrandMaester to go as Squad of Bees. We decided to go through the woods, to find the river g8s had mentioned.  And everything went well, we arrived at the river and found a nice place to stay. The first night, Fl!ck had a mysterious dream about a tunnel. Nobody of us could tell what was behind that.

As soon as daybreak, Shad0w used her abilities to kind of dive into Fl!ck's mind and rewatch her dream. There was a tin can spinning. She also heard something or someone knock on a wall.

During his night's watch, m0rl0ck had discovered an abandoned fire place by the river. So next thing we wanted to do was to examine it in the light of the day.

{The GrandMaester Blog Entry 004}

I had one of those dreams tonight. Again ...

Most of the time I was carrying around some animal with black fur and pointy teeth. Or, rather a dark fairy it was, to be precise. Turned out that dark fairy was my child. Or at least I had I created it by virtue of my will ...

Anyway, I awoke breathlessly and alone. I could feel my sanity dropping. Again. 
Need someone to talk to. Someone I can trust.

Too many wastelanders have been behaving strangely.
That comet.
The impossible notes.
Too many incidents of high strangeness. 
Too many secrets ...

Things have been getting odd lately. I can still hear Fl!ck's and feAther's words ringing in my ears.  "It's not from here" they said about the shirt I had found in the woods. The same place I had found my amulet. One year before, to the day.

We have to get out there.  Again.
We have to explore and analyse.

And to the place where it all began. The concrete block.

feAther, Fl!ck, g8s and I will go.
Should we not return, the collective will face difficult times. 
But I feel we have to go. As soon as the stars are right ...

{shad0w Blog Entry 004}

The thing was gone, but I didn't feel safe anymore. How did it get there? How could I have not noticed any (unknown?) intruder? Whom can I trust?

Another night without sleep. I have to protect my shop. 
I have to protect my wares. 
I have to protect my information. 

I need more information. But I don’t want to get out.
I need allies.
Whom can I trust?


We are a collective of survivors. That doesn’t mean anything, on the long run. Am I still all alone? There are those that came from the concrete block. I’m not one of them. At least I think so. 
Are they to be trusted? 
Whom can I trust?

I need more information. 
I need more information. 
I need more...



{Fl!ck Blog Entry 006}

With the help of Hekate

To my great surprise the GrandMaester asked me for help. I had never talked to him before, I've only listened to some of his speeches and, to be honest, I was happy that he never searched my attention. There is something in his appearance that makes me shiver. His eyes have a strange look and to me he has spooky spider fingers …

He told me that he found a shirt in the woods, at exactly the same place where he had found his amulet one year before. The strange thing was that he thought he would know it from some sort of former live, felt as if it had belonged to him one day. 

I told him that to my opinion everything that happens in wasteland is nothing but a dream and somehow there must be a way out of here. So I assured him my help.
feAther, the Grandmaester and I met at the night of Hekate to perform a ritual, so
feAther and I could take a closer LOOK at this shirt. 

My dear feAther who is also talented to SEE things, but in a very different way then me, noticed a strange smell. She thought it was not from here, not from the wasteland. I took my crystal, hummed a little melody, tried to become one with the shirt and started to SEE. I saw green spirals, turning into lines and back into spirals again. After a few moments it faded away.

I was speechless. Never before had I seen spirals in my crytals, nor the color green. I told the Grandmaester that I didn't have an answer for him, that I needed to SEE more.

After our analysis we threw onions and knotted strings into the fire. I asked Hekate to help me understand better what is happening in this dreamland. And soon after I had (been given?) an idea.

The Grandmaester agreed to show feAther and me the place where he found the amulet and the shirt, so we can take a better LOOK. g8s will also join us. Maybe this little weirdo will detect more than us. I can't wait to leave but the GrandMaester said the stars had to be right. So we are planning to start our quest next week ...

{Feenja Blog Entry 014}

I can remember that day.
At least I thought I do.

Some things are missing, some things are too much.
Something tells me to change my perspective.

I thought something could be wrong here.
That is why I started to keep a diary, a long time ago.
For my memory, for my questions, for my experiences, for everything I've learned and discovered. For my soul.

I think I have to read it again.
I think I missed something...

{ru3b3 Blog Entry 007}

Well, after returning from the Squad of Crossroads, a whole lot of talking, guessing and thinking had to be done. 

And recreational excercise, of course.
But my impatience got the better of me. Again.

Feeling held behind by the mostly theoretical efforts of others, I decided to go my own ways for some weeks or so... 

As suggested earlier, my plan was to follow the power lines. They NEED to be leading somewhere interesting.

Packed my stuff amongst other things and off I went - left a note, though. 
After all, this should not be a farewell forever...

So off to the woods I went...
Curious what challenges awaited me.

So off to the woods I went...

{Fl!ck Blog Entry 005}

Explore, and don't bleed! (2/2)

However, one day I had a breakthrough. It was a foggy and cold day ... as always. I prepared my crystal and my hourglass and sang a little melody, which I find very comforting to get me into the optimal mood. I chose my favorite position and then I had the intuition to sacrifice a drop of blood, which I did. 

I was overwhelmed as I opened my eyes to SEE! There was no pulse in the lines, it seemed time stood still and I was perfectly able to see where each line was going. The red ones went deep in the ground to the roots of the plants. The orange ones
went to the rocks and within the plants and the yellow ones weren't lines, it was more some sort of dust - everywhere in between. 

I have never seen something so beautiful! And then my drop of blood hit the ground and smashed the whole picture. A wave of blue chaotic dust flushed over my sight and blinded me. I sank to the ground and started to hyperventilate.

Fear took me, I couldn't see anymore. After a view minutes or hours, I have no idea, I managed to calm myself. Eventually I could think again. What was that???

After this experience I went back to the camp, I was too confused to stay alone in the woods any longer.

My conclusion of this: I need to explore more, but I shall be very cautious about using blood again!

{Fl!ck Blog Entry 004}

Explore, and don't bleed! (1/2)

Oh dear, it seems finding my way back to my world is getting harder than I thought it would be. The fog is getting thicker. It' turning colder. The trees have lost their leaves und the animals are becoming silent, so some sort of season change is happening apparently. Good to know!

During the “summer” I have been pretty productive. After my last quest I thought I had found the tin can from my dreams, but I was mistaken. It kept coming back in my dreams, moving und spinning, haunting me. 

So I went back to the three old buildings that we found. I searched the old
cellar again, but I couldn't find anything interesting there, and I wasn't able to open the other two doors. I decided to accept the fact that it would stay in my dreams until I found it, whenever that would be. And so it's been living happily ever after!

On my way back, I chose a different way. After a day I found a dead man, who was pretty decayed and he stank awfully. But he had a backpack filled with useful stuff which of course I took, everything else would have been a waste. Lucky me!
After this nice surprise and with new equipment I stayed in the woods for a few weeks and started to LOOK a bit closer. 

At first it was really frustrating, because I couldn't control this mighty gift that I had received in the strange dream. But after a while of trying I
realised that I mustn't control it. It controls me and if I want so SEE, I need it to let go. So I did. Oh gosh, what an experience! So much beauty lives around us! I started to see patterns in the lines. Mostly the colors are red, orange and yellow. The pulsing depends on my heartbeat, which means I have to remain calm and fearless inside - or else I would only see my own magic. 

What a task! 
I can't really manage it until today. I need to practice more.

{The GrandMaester Blog Entry 003}

A year has passed.
What can you remember?

Two worlds bleeding into each other. 
Two realities. Or even more?
Different timelines.
Liminal rites.

My chronicles of one year are almost finished.

Wastelanders, assemble.
Find yourselves and burn brighter.
The fourteenth key is yet to be spread.
May fire lead us on our ways.

{feAther Blog Entry 002}

I am lying on a meadow, watching the crows.

In my dream world, I feel something shift. Something strange is going on here. I reach out for wisdom, only to stumble into the next level.

Four Oaks – stuck in my mind...
People and animals, they are celebrating. Have we arrived yet?

And there he stands again, mute and speechless in the middle of the crowd. Too far away to talk to him. My lips feel paralysed.

He is standing there, apparently doing nothing. But deep down, in the corner of my mind, I know he notes all the events in his thoughts. He collects dreams.

I get sucked back into another dream dimension and follow the squirrel. We will meet again, dre4mc4tcher! Each of us chooses how to react. If our choice is fear, then we become vulnerable to the darkness.

I open my eyes. Above me, I see my dearest friends circle on the horizon.
I am not what happened to me.
I am what I choose to become.

I got nuts.

{staTTer Blog Entry 027}

squad of daybreak... 
hrmmm who breaks days? the night? 
night-squad might be a rather big shift of perspective.

so the grandmaester-entity brought us together, briefing us and dubbing us "THE SQUAD OF DAYBREAK".

funny i'd never been part of a squad before but i get a faint bit of that deja-feeling about a quadpod-squad.

we have no brooms, to fly on, that is! 

we discuss our options for weaponising parts of a belt that looks identical to the one Ch4r0n is wearing right now.
why is nobody freaking out about the two belts being the same!! 

every detail to the wee bit of rust on one of the rivets, the wear and tear on the fibers around the buckle...

st0nes is rather chill about the expedition and tries to get us moving with a smallish hay-wagon in tow for to transport all the great loot we might be getting from the center of the wrong-lands.

spr0ut looks for ways to conduct experiments on the fly.

50ULM4T3 helps the process of creating usable slingshots along. wow her calming and focusing aura does wonders for my state of mind.

g8s and Ch4r0n discuss the logistics/possibility of treegate-travel with our baggage.

to me, looking at Ch4r0n and 50ULM4T3 lively interactions, brings back the picture of the desiccated corpse.
i dearly hope we don't loose our weapons artificer.

ahh yes give him the long shoelaces, he seems to be looking for some kind of rope.
now they are all arguing despite 50ULM4T3's best efforts to keep us on topic.

tuf voyages await this ragtag group.

{C1rcu17 Blog Entry 005}

There is a disturbance within the Great Machine's heart beats. Some weird presence among the gears.

I saw something.

The shape of woman. Dressed in green leaves, dancing among the pipes of the engines. Where she stepped by her bare feet, flowers sprouted from cold steel. Vines and and leaves greener than anything I have ever seen. She is so beautiful. But somehow scary. Fierce.

I watched her dancing from my hiding spot. I think is better to keep my distance. Fuck. I tripped over some loose gear. Shit. She heard me. She disappered faster than I could blink. Gone. No trace of her. The plants withered and left only the scent of decay behind.

The machine feels corrupted and somehow angry. Maybe jealous. Thirsty for blood. Hopefully not for mine. Sacrifice is needed I think. I need to redo the ritual of gears. To please the god. Lady of leaves is an enemy?

Could she be? Such a pretty thing... But the machine god is right. Sacrifice is needed.

I woke up from my sleep. There was still long walk to the ruins ahead. The old forest around us smelled of dead leaves. 
I felt we were being watched.


{50ULM4T3 Blog Entry 001}

Loss or sacrifice?
Burden or chance?
Live or lie?

Even if you loose one of your most characteristic aspects, you might get closer to your deep self. Not all those who wander are lost. Scars and wounds won't tear us apart.

Take a closer look at the small things that happen to come your way.

Is there any chance to connect? Those energies I felt for the last days seemed to cry out for help. Like branches of a tree growing towards my mind... reaching out to take my feelings of loss away.

Still healing, still looking for new ways and 50ULM4T3s.

{shad0w Blog Entry 003}

I am used to finding things. But I am definitely not used to things finding me. Sleep wasn’t an option, I had an eerie feeling that sent me downstairs to my shop.
I was not prepared for this.

My safe place, my own last resort, my haven had been compromised. I felt sheer terror. I know every and last piece in my shop, and I was sure that red thing had not been there when I closed for the night.

The locks on my door seemed untouched. Still, there it was, staring at me. Mocking me. Laughing at me. How can an inanimate object laugh at you, you ask? Well, come here and find out.

It took all my strength to touch it. Against my fears, it didn’t electrocute me. Well, might be because it wasn’t attached to any energy source. Still, I didn’t trust that thing. HOW THE FUCK DID IT GET IN MY SHOP?

Ok Shad0w, breathe in, breathe out.

I will ask d0ck3r for help. Oh my FUCKING gods, or demons, or whatever, I HATE asking for help. But I have to get that abomination out of my shop…

{staTTer Blog Entry 026}

g8s seems to have a destination in mind.
still stumbling trough the semi-darkness. 

woah. got to see the offering ceremony for the working of a tree-gate. 
i, being the last to act thusly, offer some nails a bit of dried fish and a gulp of water.

awesome, i think the colour of the newly formed gate is just awsome.
fe4ther tries to walk through and tries are achieved.
bonkers! g8s pulls us trough the blue pearly sheen. 
back to the beginning of spring!

now we are sometime else or place, yess! place too.
first thing is the visual confirmation of being a month or two earlier
second comes the feeling of "the essence". Young, eager, purposeful! 
third is the impact of the lower temperature.
of the fourth thing i am not certain but it seems that the sun did a jump backwards.

could be, this place is behind in time in relation to shelter_one and it's surrounding area. 

hrmmm... that works only under a number of assumptions.
foremost that the world is one. a big one.
yes, back to my impressions.

the fifth thing, smell, is complimenting the first, second and third but made a tedious problem by the fourth.

after we are ready to continue on our way it takes us another day to catch sight of the cylindrical metal watchamcallits, that, so g8s and fe4ther assure me, is where "the collective" is located.

bonkers! g8s pulls us trough the blue pearly sheen.

{staTTer Blog Entry 025}

no sleep , no shelter

went to sleep, g8s thought it prudent to meditate on the topic of the -wronglands- by connecting to them.

now he begins to ramble in "spoken-word-mode", has a strange cadence to it, a warbling melody. 

believe that mode of communication is called "skat"!
hmmm statter still speaks about statters acts in # descriptive mode #

statter wonders about that. seem to be unable to go to sleep again.
ahh yes, thanks to the glowy-tree amulet, i can see in here despite the pitch black night and missing lighting fixtures.

g8s is getting skitish, seems to turn into a nervous wreck.

"we are in danger" he says. 
so i pack some stuff whilst feAther walks out to ask a tree to pretty please talk to some crows she knows.

i reckon she is peeved, because the key she found doesn't talk to her.
the tree took some of fe4thers essence for his services. 

the currency was blood!

i think i understand now. pack!

pack and leave ...

{staTTer Blog Entry 024}

late afternoon

turns out the two of them found -shelter_one- spent the night there and found some kind of key.

they are stoked to walk to their deaths.... want to venture into the -wrong-lands-...not on my watch!

as they begin to get in a visionary state i tell them again that our resting place is not my place of refuge.

panic grips me as my olfactory perception is assaulted by the stench of doom. 

a whiff of lavender and cardboard.

being terrified does not help my speech. i try to reach them with my voice and tempt my body to move.

"staTTer crawls away and mumbles: this is NOT my shelter! follow staTTer to safety." 

i even managed to pick up my stuff sans the pipe and move, on all four, away from the endangered place.

as hoped for, the two followed me after a few minutes and even helped me up.

my stumblin' around, reminds me of the day i arrived here in "strange but not a dream"-world.

my rescuers seem zonked out 

after nearly two hours, my wellspring of words seems to run dry. 
surroundings getting too dark, there is "no moon to keep my armour bright" as lenny used to sing.

the one hour trip took us about three hours.
but we arrived safely .... at -shelter_two-


{staTTer Blog Entry 023}

still at ritual site

they want to know more and feAther whispers comments to g8s about my speech-impediment. 

so i say: "staTTer smirks and tells them: i have problems seeing you, my hearing on the other hand is not as impaired".

they are eager to replicate my ritual and do not want to comprehend that my ritual-space is not my shelter aka -shelter_two- !

seems they are keen an resting. g8s displays a (shamanic?) time problem. every hour i talk about is transmuted to a day in his head.

feAther, i realize, is wearing g8s essence-collector prism. loaded with some spell of protection, or so she claims.

next she asks for a pipe which is in my trusty red sack. it is ready to smoke. the pipe not the sack. 

lovely things in it some young dried catnip, fly-agaric and psilocybe montana.
didn't need it for the ritual and if they are so keen on going on a journey then they are most welcome. 

downside is. have to make fire for lighting the pipe.

nope no downside. g8s is the proud owner of a metallic fire making kit! magical artefact?

while they begin to smoke i try for more food from my light luggage. still edible, good!

{staTTer Blog Entry 021}

unknown amounts of time after day eighteen

feel disconnected but SOME-time/-one/-thing is happening.

PAiN in my right eye.
can't even flinch away.

i am way too weak to sit up.
try opening both eyes see a staff and long blonde hair
beardless human face. 

one eye stays closed - lack of cooperation noted - pain still there.
sight distorted, blurred, misty.
try to start talking.

"no need to give me the hallowing of odin, staTTer says while trying to get up" i say whilst trying to get up!

# entered descriptive mode # 
wtf?? this is like ...

rosenkrantzing my gueldenstern without a stoppard ...

{staTTer Blog Entry 022}

moments later
there is a second shape, as i become cautious, the need for hydrations cuts the line.

"need water! staTTer croaks", i try to enunciate clearly. i am quite parched ...
why is that?

figures that the second person and not the eye-stabber, is the one to hand me a small flask full of the wonderful liquid.

the two, g8s and feAther, were sent by the grandmaester-entity to have a look about the "wronglands" and if, by chance, i might still be alive.

hrmmm, so at least two days have gone by and the growth. indicated by the stakes i hammered into the soil at the outer edges of the "wrong-lands", has continued.

both of them are very nosey and i am close to no-say but get another gulp of water and a bit of food from my rescuers.

my manner of speech seems stuck in descriptive mode. right vexing that.

i watch myself, telling them about the dilapidating hut, the length of time it is away from here, how walking in the inimical environs of the "wrong-lands" will huskify the unprotected hiker.

make "small"talk about the dangerous unstable wood, my nearly breaking my legs because some floorboards broke under my weight. woodworms damn little homewreckers.

there is still so much stuff in there ...

{C1rcu17 Blog Entry 004}

I'm not sure how long it has been since my path joined with those two pagans. The flow of time is weird in this realm. The trees around us are ancient. It feels like we are being watched.

The ruins ... I'm not sure if the man knows the way. He says he does but there is no sight of them. The woman scares me. She often goes into deep trance, eating dirt, herbs and what a not. Said she met a dryad before they met me. Scared it away, too. Fucking witch. What the hell is a dryad anyway ...

The whispers of the machine soothes me still. I hear them even while awake now. Little tinks and kliks. Gears. Humming of electricity. Soothing in the mists of madness.

In sleep there is other voices now, too. Connected with an entity called suurmestari ... Human shaped shadow in the machine's heartbeat. This person feels important. Wise. And key to connect all the realms. I wonder if he is real. There were other shades too. Still hidden. Unrevealed.
Maybe the witch knows.

In sleep there is other voices now, too.

{Feenja Blog Entry 013}


The river I found led me to another, and with it the place from my dream.

Apparently there were people here.
Not so long ago.
I'll take a good look at the area.

Suddenly I feel dizzy. 
Just a little. 
No. It's getting more and more, so strong that I have to sit down.

I feel presences. 
So many. 
Mostly good ones, I think. 

Everything goes black and then I see him again. 
This man who calls me all the time. 

I feel myself tilting back. When I can see again I am lying in the grass. The sun has moved a little and I know that I must got faint for some time. 

I quickly look around. 
No noticeable change all around. 

I was lucky.
That could have gone wrong.
I don't know this area well yet.
Who knows who or what's going on here. 

It's coming back to me. 
He sent me a message. 
He hears me and something else, but what was it? 
My memory's a bit fuzzy.

But right now I gotta get away from here. 
This place is creeping me out. 
I'll take a closer look around tomorrow and observe this place.

{The Wheel Blog Entry 002}

The Wheel delivered an short analysis of staTTer's ritual from a magickal standpoint.

The ritual itself was well prepared, the ingredients for the scrying were all there. His will seemed strong and the effects sent ripples through the wasteland's web of the essence. Yet he had to fail nonetheless. 

When you're searching for darkness, darkness will find you and it doesn't only take a strong will to defend against it, but also a focused one. 

Single-mindedness is like the tip of a deadly arrow, cast onto the enemy. For when a mind is strong, but not focused enough, it can be like a forgotten arrow, hurting its own master.

{The Wheel Blog Entry 001}

The Wheel delivered an alternate analysis to the GrandMæster's answer to g8s from a numerlological standpoint.

33: honesty, compassion, inspiration, courage, and blessings; master number in numerology; highest degree in freemasonry.

444: love, encouragement, and support; magical things to come.

555: the wheel of fate is moving (yes, we are); changes ahead.

7777: rewards after hard work; succeeding and having self-control.

Concluded in one sentence: Following the GrandMæster will grant us rewards and, like the old God Seth, we will be "great of magic(k)".


{The GrandMaester Blog Entry 002}

There is some sort of evil out there. I can feel it. 
Something very, very strange in these old woods. 

An amazing amount of hopeful souls is gathering around us. 
Everything is happening as predicted. 

Leaving glyphes to decipher was the right choice. 
But times are dark. They found a body in the woods. 
I wonder if he was on his way to join the collective. 

We have to listen to our half-forgotten dreams. 
I will send out someone to contact listening post alpha.

{The GrandMaester Blog Entry 001}

Scripted from the GrandMæster's first public speech.

I feel a different spirit pumping through my veins. 

As long as there is truth there will always be hope. 

Transcendence is our fate. 
Ascendancy is our fate. 
Fire will show us the way. 
And truth only shall I speak. 

Everything is connected.
And the day may come when all the pieces fit.
This very day, enlightenment will set in for every being with an awakened mind.

{staTTer Blog Entry 020}

day seventeen.
scrying ritual. 

started a fire with birch bark and typha seedspikes as kindling ... it's good receptive water symbolism ...

put parts of the frog in it ...

the pictures, words and feelings all contain the same corruption. 
a indifferent, no a callous hunger for hmmm ... 

that's it. have to inform the grandmaester-entity about this. 
perhaps try to find out how much ground the wronglands cover. 
so tired, have to regenerate my will. 

stupid me thought itself invincible, feel too drained for a ritual. 

f..., it got to me. 
will need some assistance. 
stay awake stay aware stay conscious ... 

{staTTer Blog Entry 019}

day seventeen (early).
off again into the wronglands.

hope adebar's protection holds!
eerie adverseness in the air.
came by the stakes i put on the outskirts.

damn it is growing ...

came about the dilapidating hut.
crows token is still glowing, the protection holds.
picked more stuff from the shack, some packs of nails, axehead, a cast-iron pan and a sack of walnuts.

token begins to dim after a few minutes inside, now running.
took one of the mummified frogs on the way out.
will prepare that scrying ritual ...

damn, that shit is not good for me health.

The Wronglands are growing ...

{staTTer Blog Entry 018}

day sixteen.
reflections on meditation.

every now and then, the walking of one's mindscape leads close to/from/into/through a random well hidden memory.

number one.
sometimes memories are hidden by a metaphorical tarp. such a tarp can be made of a heavy, reflective and thick weave of suggestions.
"look left", "smells like custard" and "did i leave the candle burning?" are concrete examples of such.
the tarp technique doesn't hurt much and leads the seeker around the hidden remembrance.

number two.
some hiding places for memories are among heaps of other things. sometimes the "other stuff" is mostly pointy shards of stained glass, nested in barbed-, razor-wire and rusty nails.
fascinating to look at, but not eliciting the impulse to dive into it.

number three.
and i know of at least one time when memory was concealed under a layer of recollections from back when everything was swell, recall of orgasmic moments, mementos of oddly interesting things and intoxicating dens of thought, far off from the target.

it happened ... all of it ... to me.

from number three by number one into number two
sparkle sparkle flash boom bang memory hits me when it can

found it on a paved road about 22 years ago back in "otherworld" went nowhere without it.
sparkle sparkle flash boom bang

{staTTer Blog Entry 017}

day fifteen.

followed the trail of the desiccated one, right to the border of the wronglands. smells a bit like cardboard und lavender.

he lived there?
"what the fudge? yes minister!"

shall not take too long in his dilapidating house.

damn sour grapes.

he lived in a real house, with a tiled roof.
would have been to convenient to have access to a real bed.
took me three days to just dig out enough to stretch my legs in my cave/cellar.

the situation: have access to a house.
could reside there.
but the place will kill me if i do so.
perhaps in less than an hour?

drink now, walk briskly, be vigilant, take in what i see, carry what i can run with and get out before i die.
ok – no problem.

day fifteen. late afternoon.
hey, i made it back! 

put some things i could grab into a ammunition box. 
rope, keyring, hammer, small chain, silver cylinder, eleven by eleven on leather (a game?), some nailz ahmm nails ... 

why do i keep seeing a big blonde guy with rabies wearing an orange jumpsuit? 
have to wrestle that memory away.

{staTTer Blog Entry 016}

day fourteen.
border to the wronglands.

went there to put stakes in the ground.
smack-bang where the feeling of the wrongness begins.

hope it doesn't grow.

did about twenty warning stakes and went back home.
i do not know what constitutes a normal day in this world, but i hope this is not the new normal.

there is a stiff guy on the way to -shelter_two-.
not the "i'm am just sooooo happy to see you" kind of stiff.
i'm talking about the "laying till decaying" stiffness.

the one that, if not cleaned up, results in a stinky goo.
must tell the crows, i wonder how they haven't noticed this humble ex-human.

search the corpse?
will do a visual examination first.

seems slightly desiccated, clothes not torn, some scratches, no liquid blood, uneven brown, short cropped hair.

will search for his shelter, after a good night's sleep.

took some of the garments and a belt. belt looks familiar.
if i ever find a needle ... no, when i find a needle,
wrong again! 

when i find at least two needles, because one is reserved for ru3b3, then the pieces of cloth will be useful to me.

{staTTer Blog Entry 015}

day thirteen.

can't do much about rituals today.

still weak from yesterday's foray into the wronglands. f

ound a steeldrum today. really need tools to work with metal and wood.

as always, my thoughts go back to my faithful multitool.
won't throw a temper-tantrum.
no, i won't!

well ...
maybe i will.

have to stock up on my food resources first.

a trip to the pond is in order.
after that i'll have my tantrum, including stomping of the feet and looking mightily upset.
pfff ...
sometimes i really amuse myself ... 

i remember the great stamets' words: 
"the doing happens. i know i am me, all the time."

{staTTer Blog Entry 014}

twelfth day
since my unearthing.

-shelter_two- is partially usable.

after traveling about an hour by foot, i began finding mummified wildlife.
no mushrooms, vegetation is doing alright.

a few minutes later the count goes from a few to an imperial shitton of mummys.
no birds in the trees.
everything here feels wrong.

feel thirsty.
crows token begins to dim.

turn around.
leave now.

will return with better protection.

a mummified frog

{staTTer Blog Entry 013}

eleventh day. 

found crows skull in the sandy stone.

used memory on essence manipulation to make a token. 

applied it to cast a wide web, for trying to contact g8s. 
seems important. 

found his face but he seemed concentrated.
no immediate answer.
got back to digging.
so g8s sent a new vision thingie. 

craps on the grandmaester-entity's intentions, or not. 
lie, prank or soothsaying. 

do not or do trust cause it's a lie. 
can't be more unclear. 

four days till grandmaester's reply ...

{staTTer Blog Entry 012}

must be the tenth day.

woke up to strange sound.

crow or raven is gone.
rubbed my eyebrow. bleeding again.

found "not-quite-stone".
made with my techniques, but there are unknown glyps on it.

might have to come here, to bury it, before i arrive.
once i've figured it out.
bit of a timebreak or dance?

{staTTer Blog Entry 011}

day 9-1.

stumbled upon a wellspring close to a small rock formation and a hill of sandy stone, whatever it might be called.


will be all alone in the moonlight!
might break some flat stones to dig, cut and tunnel my new earth cellar home.
managed to go deep enough.

might stay unseen while i rest my weary head.

it is way past noon, still weary. 
arms hurt. 
stupid diggy hole earworm. 
i am not much of a dwarf. 

woke to a measure of pain, being stabbed hurts. 
a crow! singular. or a raven? could have taken my eye. 
but cut my brow. 

well, lonely crow, have some dried fish.
let me sleep.

{staTTer Blog Entry 010}

nighttime day eight.

so g8s found the grandmaester's "collective".
the vision smells of great distance.

sun is just going down there, and it's seems colder.
by stamet's hairy bollocks!
g8s must have figured out how the address system works.

stupid, stupid.
should have done more information exchange.

wake up ...
arise ...
thrive ...

yah mate, i am, thriving that is. 
i will take my time. 
will spread mycelium, become more of myself. 

take my time. 
make -shelter_two-.

{staTTer Blog Entry 009}

day 7.

can't live without them.

found more spicy leavy stuff, less potent than garlic.
mellows out close to the campfire.

lots of nettles, some tasty purple-blossomed, ground-covering plant and one with really small starlike flowers, stellaria something, i believe.

cutting stuff with stones or shards of glass is tricky and time consuming.
who the hell are a tool and multi? old companions?

remember calling someone a tool ...

{staTTer Blog Entry 008}

fire portals – day six, morning post, 10:28 a.m.

found a vivid memory, tried it with a stick.
"accio public transportation."

only pulled campfire flames towards me.
why doesn't it work?

fire on my cloak extinguished.
cloak now wet.

{staTTer Blog Entry 007}

mute g8s trading. 
bandana g8s is also looking for the grandmaester entity. 
share my visions with him. 
might call him g8s the mute, no, leave the mute. 

g8s already carries an essence-collector in crystal form. 
he traded me two sets of garments for the glowy tree amulet. 

feel less exposed but also less reassured. 

great stamets give me guidance ... 
guy dance? 

perhaps a dance ritual, something to do with Kali? 

fire, blood, mycelium, tangents ... and double-step? 
plz need clearer memories. 

go to sleep. 
good night, world.

{staTTer Blog Entry 006}

day five.
now wandering. 

looking for better accomodations. 
doing three hour hikes in different directions. 

when i come back to -shelter_one-, i am suddenly face to face with bandana-guy.

he flailes wildly with his arms. 
think i am being attacked, so i attempt to hit him with a stick. 

why a stick? 
well, i am one banana short of actually having a banana. 
the same can be said for having a knife. 
so ... 

he steps back, raises his hands, kneels and begins drawing in the soil. 
"try a written dialogue, will you?" he points his intense stare at my glowy tree, writes something. 
about gates i think. 

g8s ... 
hmmm ... 
eight and infinity, fitting! 

bandana guy seems to be the right sort. 
anyway this could take a while. 

be sharing a meal before trading ...

{staTTer Blog Entry 005}

day three here in "strange but not a dream"-world.

made some pottery.
most of it cracked.

enough clay near the brook und lots of stones.

still call ...
wait, what?
no more loops!
no, NO!
not again.

in the name of Bey and Affix, IT IS DAY FOUR!

young twigs, weave 'em for catching little fish, need more charcoal ...
and clothes...
nettles perhaps?

too small right now.

fire, fire, water, charcoal ...
basic water filtration unit working for now.

for now i am well fed. 

moving from -shelter_one-.

{staTTer Blog Entry 004}

third day here in "strange but not a dream"-world.

made some pottery.
most of it cracked.

enough clay near the brook und lots of stones.

still call this place -shelter_one-.

made myself some garlicy_leaf-soup.
saw some small fish in the waterway.

getting communications from that grandmaester-entity.
remember now.
fragments, memory-fragments from before i came here.

a talk over great distance a skip-call.
dumb name, didn't have to skip for communications.

remaining still works better.

wild garlic under a yew tree?

{staTTer Blog Entry 003}

so ... second day.

wandered t'wards the rising sun. 
at least it's only one sun. 

having strange visions of a sand covered place with two of them. 
do i hail from there? 
would explain my hatred of the heat. 

hmmm, something to think about when I have found food an' shelter. 

amulet seems to change when i'm near some trees, but not others. 

where is my mind? 

feel i should understand that stuff. 

found a bubbling brook and a glowy place betwixt some birch trees. 

shelter, food, how to catch an' cook the little fish. 
have to make due with stone tools ... 
or this shard of glass. 

now stones, dry branches and tinder. 
wonderful shrooms – stamets be praised. 

gonna make something to cook in, nice. 

will try my hand at pottery and call this place -shelter_one-.

{staTTer Blog Entry 002}

first night.

what a hell of a night ...
and morning.

covered myself in leaves next to a pillar.
shitty shelter!

come dawn, something stirred next to me and a bandana wearing hooligan emerges gasping for air.

backpedals und runs for the hills.
strange times.
he is clothed. 

oh, the unfairness.

{staTTer Blog Entry 001}

day one.

woke up to some earthworms invading my nostrils.

had to unearth myself.
at least gravity pointed the way.
oddly reassuring.

so. i'm here with a flask, a box and an imprint of treebark on my face. 
no memories of this place and, funnily enough, myself. 

need clothes. 
it's fucking two inches cold! 

opened the box, no garments. 
funky googles and a strangely familiar amulet. 
did i make this? little tree in a square. 
glows in the dark seems to change colour in sunlight. 

{Shad0w Blog Entry 002}

Don't worry, you have already paid.


{Shad0w Blog Entry 001}

Welcome to Shad0w‘s Needful Things & Information. 

I am pleased to let you know that new trading goods have arrived. 

* assorted cables 
* kitchen knife (slightly rusty but will still kill) 
* mirror 
* stones 
* comb (some teeth missing) 
* expired medication (try at own risk) 
* crystal ball (ghosts sold separately) 
* duct tape (price: your soul or best offer) 
* book „Capital. A Critique of Political Economy “ by Karl Marx 
* book „Moonchild“ by Aleister Crowley 
* box of matches 
* folding spade (slight traces of usage and mysterious brown stains) 
* hourglass can of baked beans 
* camping cooker 
* gas cartridge 
* assorted ropes 
* sleeping bag (used, zip broken, smells kinda funny) 
* the answer to the question about life, the universe and everything 

Ask for weekly special offers.

{salamAndra Blog Entry 001}

Poor sh0t.
He was kinda cute. But weak.
Too weak to survive in wasteland.

However, I dare say he had really hat a sh0t during his last hours.
I met him in the woods, invited him to my place.

We soon got to it, and I must admit it was kinda nice.
He almost cried after he came.
And then things escalated quickly. You know how it goes.

He could really have given me his amulet by choice when I asked.
Maybe he would still be alive then.

Poor, stupid sh0t.

I need to find some new linen.
It‘s hard to get the blood out once it dried into the furs. But the amulet was worth it.

Sometimes it shows this funny purple glow.
Maybe it‘s enchanted?

My attention was drawn to this … collective … lately.
Some of those guys seem to have supernatural powers.
I wonder if it‘s different to fuck one of those witchers. Or witches.

I will find out.


{ru3b3 Blog Entry 007}

Luckily enough, I found some sort of shelter for the night ... But who had built it? It doesn't feel that "natural" at all ... 

It seems like somebody used the fire place not to long ago... I wonder if it was for heat only, or might they have found something worthy to - I can't believe I am thinking this - actually cook? 

... and what is that massive concrete structure I keep seeing in my dreams? I can't wrap my head around it, but it reminds me of the concrete block I emerged earlier ... Further exploration is needed, but I have no business with this supernatural stuff ... 

The woods are beautiful, but something definitely feels off. Some of the trees don't strike me as healthy ... Parts of the bark are missing ... Or there's only the bark left. Something, or somebody, obviously collected them ... 

Ah, finally, the essence of life... But this water tastes yucky. I am afraid I am going to regret drinking it ... 

The landscape gets rocky as I follow the river upstream. It's getting colder as well ... maybe I find a flintstone in order to keep myself warm during the nights ... 

One upside though: that water is getting clearer with every step I take to emerge the woods ... One might almost find it ... drinkable ... 

I shall rest again.

{ru3b3 Blog Entry 006}

Long have I been thinking about this, but no rest shall I have. 

I am leaving this place. Unexpected this is. Unknown voices are calling me.


I have to leave this place. Sunset. The time seems right ... 

Try to get away from it ... It's always an adavantage to have the yellow pest in the back – it lights your way and keeps others from seeing you. 

Follow the tracks I must – let's see where it takes me... 
With an eye on the future and one on my surroundings, I shall remain cautious... 

--r----------------3------------------3------ -------u---------------------b--------------- 
-----o---------n-----------t--------o----u--r --------------------------------------------- 

Hours later. 
It's getting dark. 

I've walked for a long time, and when I could not walk anymore, I did some walking. And walking. Again. 

Exhausted I feel, seems like a place to rest ... 

Night surrounds me, surrounds this life.

{ru3b3 Blog Entry 005}

I've been exploring the woods for days now, searching for roots, leaves and other sources of nutrition – with little success.

Then, I found some mushrooms ... Growing under an unknown tree. I was suspicous at first, but then the hunger got the best of me.

Oh my, they tasted awful, but then again, at least something to fill the void in my stomach.

But the relief did not last long – soon, the hallucinations kicked in. Strange images and feelings took over, I completely lost it.

I began to scrutinize the symbols on my skin – or under it?

Flashbacks of pride and and pain – haven't I seen similar paintings on others?

Why exactly these motives? Are they in some way special to me or my former self? I need to find answers ...

... and food.
After I awoke, my mind seemed kind of empty and exhausted, but still left with some tasks to fullfill ...

What kind of poison did I take?
I need to get organised.
Maybe I can find the spot where the mushrooms grow again?
Others need to be warned, some might even find them useful ...

But who can I talk to about this?

Mmmh, mushrooms ...

{ru3b3 Blog Entry 004}

Needles, anyone?

Needles, anyone?

{ru3b3 Blog Entry 003}

Something about this spot seems unnatural to me ...

... weird rocks ...

{ru3b3 Blog Entry 002}

Found some new items in an abandoned hut ... 

Dreams of usage keep reoccuring... 

Well, I can imagine a lot of operation areas for that knife. 
Also, I seem to remember a drink where the withered herbs came to use … 

Gin toxic, or something?

{Mantra Blog Entry 003}

Report from 1st quest of the Northeners.

Having caught a fat rabbit using a simple snare, Åra and I had our best meal in days. It's not often I see her enjoying a meal.

Sometimes I worry that she'll starve herself to death in her dedication to her calling. Too focused to eat anything. Maybe she just really likes rabbit? I should try to catch more.

Finally Åra felt it was time to head out and explore one of the places I've told her about. On the way I lost track of my waymarks – which didn't bother me very much. That is, after all, how I find interesting places.

While looking for some of my own marks, we found old and unfamiliar marks – three horizontal lines carved in a tree. I wonder what they mean and who's wandered these woods before us.

Åra needed to sit down for a while so we took a rest – her sitting on the ground, eyes closed, while I looked around for anything and nothing. As soon as her energy was back, Åra pretty much jumped to her feet and ran off westwards yelling for me to follow.

That night we arrived at the coast to spend the night at a campsite I use when salvaging driftwood. I fell asleep to the sound of waves of water lapping at the rocks.

I awoke soon after to the sight of Åra guiding a man towards me, pointing an arrow at him. The first stranger we've seen. And he was strange indeed! Naked and as pale as the moon Herself.

Obviously he had gone hungry for days. He was rambling in several languages, half mad from exhaustion and exposure, most likely. He looked weak enough to snap in two with my bare hands. But he also carried deep wounds on his body with pride – the marks of his God, he claimed. He must be a tough one to still be conscious.

Åra healed his wounds, but the scars will remain. For this he called her Angel, and promised to serve. If she can heal his mind, he might become a helpful ally.

The wasteland is our path and Åra lights our northern way.

The wasteland is our path and Åra lights our northern way.

{Mantra Blog Entry 002}

Continuously I learn something new.
I push what I already know to new heights.
I gain new insights and expand my understanding.
I walk the road to enlightenment.

The wasteland is my teacher.

{mantra Blog Entry 001}

Hey, it's me, Mantra.
Open up, will you?

Thanks - it's getting dark, and I don't wanna spend one more night out there alone until I've had a warm meal and some clean water. I've been drinking from muddy puddles the last couple of days, and I don't feel too good.

This place ain't exactly the Hilton, but I'll take it. Wait, what was a Hilton? It's weird out there, man. Like, I'm certain the crows were following me for a while. I tried catching one to eat, but they seem even smarter than owls. It was as if they laughed at my traps - but I'll get better, and we'll make a nice crow stew.

Speaking of food - what's for supper?
(Still got these weird nightmares. They keep me tossing and turning at night… I need something that helps me sleep at night.)

Hmm? What's that? Sorry - I was lost in thought for a moment. Yeah, I found someone. Some sort of mystic. She calls herself Åra, and she's agreed to "guide my spirit in the wasteland" - just like I was told she would. 

Oh, it spooks me, alright. But it's just like when I enter some dark cellar to scavenge; I just repeat to myself "There's no such things as ghosts. 
There's no such things as ghosts. There's no such things as ghosts" while putting one foot in front of the other.

{m0rl0ck Blog Entry 001}

This place must be either a second chance or the punishment for some dark doings in my former life, I don't know. But I'm certain about one thing: "I'm here for a reason." 

It took me quite a lot of strength to make it this far. Gladly I found three keys to survival in wasteland2570. 
One kept me warm. 
One saved me from dehydration. 
One kept me awake when I was almost dying. 

I was searching for a place to rest and regain power for days already when I met this mysterious old man who showed me the path to a hideout in the woods. At first I didn't trust him, but then I saw this triangle glyph on his arm which somehow seemed familiar and trustworthy enough to give him a chance. Good decision! 

I used the time in my shelter to rest my tired body and I felt strong enough to continue my journey afterwards. I'm exploring different parts of my new habitat every day to learn the laws of nature in this world. Hopefully I will also find some kindred spirits soon.

But I am confident that I will have success on my journey because I can already feel a strong bonding between wasteland2570 and me. Flashbacks from my former life gave me back more and more abilities in the field of information technology. 

With my new skills I am finally able to present myself to the collective. I'm not a genius but I'm a terrific package of experience.

{g8s Blog Entry 003}

Message from g8s

{g8s Blog Entry 002}

Wake up ... 
Arise ... 
Thrive ... 

I can see you. 
I can feel your anxiety and I can offer you a choice. 

Like seeds in the field, there is life all around us. 
Some will grow with pure heart, pure mind and pure thought. 
Others not so much ... 

What will it be? 
Who do you want to become? 

Follow the signs and you will find me. 
Either way, we will meet again ... 

{g8s Blog Entry 001}

The dawn of a new day ... 
What will it bring? 

The dark shrouds of last night are falling as the sun rises … 
Weird dreams have haunted me, but wait … I remember the realms of our ancestors. 

I‘ve seen THE ESSENCE flowing through realms of men and forgotten ghosts ... 
But THE ESSENCE was somehow altered ... 

I‘ve seen my first TREEGATE been attacked by this DARK POWER, and only with the help of THE DRYADS and THE ESSENCE of my fallen masters, I was able to defeat THEM (whoever they are) and protect our gate! 

So all of you out there, who are sensitive to THE ESSENCE, be aware! 
There are dark forces which also can manipulate and use THE ESSENCE! 
Check the Gates before you use them! 

We are not alone anymore...

{Fl!ck Blog Entry 003}

Shad0w, m0rl0ck, s33k3r and I were were sent out by the Grandmaester to explore the area and look for food, supplies etc. So we first followed the creek west and then north, downstream the Stillwater River. 

The first night near the river I had a dream about a spinning tin can hidden in a tunnel. And I heard a knocking. I got really excited and I wanted to find this place. 

After two or three more days of walking, the vegetation started to change. It seemed the trees and plants haven't been reached by the touch of spring yet. I had some sort of vision as I looked up to the hill: g8s and feAther walking by, accompanied by a tall man with a funny hat. We followed their path and reached a strange tree. m0rl0ck saw the three of them vanishing before that tree. 

I tried to take a closer look at that tree and I sacrificed some blood, but no matter how hard I tried, nothing happened. Besides, I don't even know if our visions were from the past or from the future! Maybe this will never happen … 

We decided to leave this place and find our way straight back to our headquarters. After one day of walking through the woods we found small valley. Three old buildings with three massive doors, all locked. We tried our best and managed to open one door. In an old, rotten earth cellar we found the can from my dream. So I think I had this dream to lead me to those tunnels. 

The most interesting findings were some letters on some pieces of coal in a pile: D, D, D, I, I, C (or U?), O, N, R, L – Lord Niddic, what else? 

I have no idea what the meaning of this is! I also found a rock crystal. I shall use it when I try to SEE the next time. We decided that maybe some other, more capable wastelanders could search behind the other doors. 

Who knows what could be waiting there for us? Afterwards we reached the headquarters without problems. When I tried to LOOK at this special tree, I gave some of my own blood. I know that something happened or something was different because of the blood. As if the spell was stronger or as if it wouldn't affect my sanity. 

If this is really so, we need to discuss this matter! Who gets fed by this blood? Do the Wronglands play any role in this matter? 

Maybe I should explore there a bit more. I need to talk to someone who has been there.

{Fl!ck Blog Entry 002}

Lately I witnessed something that I cannot understand completely. But I shall try to describe it. 

I was in the woods last evening, marching through beautiful twilight, watching squirrels and deer on my way. As I looked closer, I realised one deer had scratches at its neck and it was limping. Slowly it was searching the ground for food, turning acorns and snatching after herbs. 

And then it happened. The moment the deeer's tongue touched a particular herb, it felt as if someone put some sort of glasses in front of my eyes, to make me see for a moment what really lingers out here. 

Colours I had never before seen in such intensity pulsated in patterns, moving in circles, changing direction and colour, from a slow pulsating to fast one. I saw this sort of energy moving from the herb to the deer. 

A tear dropped from my eye, I was overwhelmed. I had never experienced something so beautiful in my life before! 

And all within one second – or had it been hours? I couldn't say – I felt cold and confused, feeling a rapid heartbeat in my chest. I closed my eyes and I forced myself to breathe again, breathe slowly and deeply. 

After a few deep breaths, I managed to calmed myself and my brain started working again. But what was that? When I opened my eyes, I could see the crust of the deer's wounds fall off. They closed all by themselves, and after a few more heartbeats, the scratches were gone. And just like that the deer ran away, deeper into the woods, as if nothing had ever happened. 

I walked closer to the herb the deer had been eating. I recognised it as potentilla erecta – bloodroot – though I had no idea where or when I had gained that sort of knowledge. 

The name just appeared in my mind out of nowhere. But intuitively I remembered bloodroot as a herb which stops bleeding when applied onto a wound. My thoughts to all of this: There is more and more evidence that this is not the world I used to live in. 

But how can I know for sure if I can't remember my former life? It seems as if animals knew which herbs can bring a cure. And obviously there' more to herbs are more than I thought there was. 

On the other hand: How absolutely awesome was that just now?!?

{Fl!ck Blog Entry 001}

I woke up again. 
Did I? 
It doesn't feel like it. 

The last days have been pretty tough. No other soul to talk to, wandering through the woods, sleeping in caves. Sometimes, when I listen too closely to my thoughts, I perceive some sort of flashes. I feel like home, a comforting sensation only to be gone after a few heartbeats. 

This light dizziness in my head never seems to pass away. Now and then I have this thin invisible curtain of permanent moving waves in my sight which hardens my suspicion that this place cannot be real. But if it's not real, where am I? 

For my own sanity, I shall call this a dream. One day I shall wake up again and be where I should be. 

Whatever happened and how hard and lonely life is right now, I have never felt such freedom before! 
So why not enjoy what has been given to me? 
Why not live it up in this dreamland?

{FLCTY Blog Entry 001}

Just returned from trawling the woods, been on the surface for many hours. 
I saw something. 

Behind some shrubs, hidden in the long, yellowed grass. It looked like the body of an animal. 

Animal? Do animals still exist here? Living creatures other than human? I sneaked towards it, slowly. But this being seemed to be asleep. Then I could see it better. It was a young deer. 

I go to it. And saw it was dead. I kneeled down. Some tears trickled down my cheeks, behind my gasmask. The body was still warm. It died not long ago. But why was it dead? 

After a few minutes of grieving, my stomach began to hurt. Again. And it made some worrying noises. For five days, I haven‘t eaten now. I found no plants, mushrooms or roots. This area is dead and still dying. So, I'm very hungry. 

Can I eat a dead deer? Is this acceptable? It is, it was a beautiful creature. And I'm starving to death. But I can’t eat another being that was alive a few hours before. It would be the same as eating another human being. It’s not reasonable. Both is disgusting and kinky. 

Intelligence creatures do not eat meat, not from a dead body. I would rather die. 

After remaining some more minutes, I started to pet the head of the deer and wished him all the best, for his way to the otherworld. 

Time to leave this aera. 
I must search for a better place. 

{Feenja Blog Entry 012}

At long last! 
Running water! 

I'm so happy I'm going to jump right in and get cleaned up. 
It feels so great! 
Cold, but great! 

Luckily I remembered in time that I have to be careful not to get the water in my mouth, nose or eyes. 

If it is unclean, it could cause a bad infection. 
And alone in the wilderness this would be devastating. 

Today the weather is quite nice and my clothes dry quickly. 
So I decide to follow the river. 

Maybe this is the river from my dream? 
Or it could lead me to it.

{Feenja Blog Entry 011}

I was startled by a dream last night. 

Although I fell asleep again and a few hours have passed since, the feelings and images still resonate. 
It was a feeling like "family", "love", "safety", "happiness". 
Something that I have not felt for a long time. 

Also, the connection with someone was strongly present. 
The same connectedness that I felt for the first time shortly after my awakening. 
It is part of the overpowering urge to stay alive for someone. 
But I still do not know for whom. 

In any case, I think I know through my dream that this person gave me my necklace. I saw the pendant clearly in my dream. I was wearing it around my neck. 

But there was still a fleeting image which actually cannot exist. 
In the dream I had also opened the pendant. 
It was something like a medallion with photos inside. 
But I couldn't make out a single face. 

nd now, when I am awake, I cannot open the pendant. 
No matter how many times I try, I can't get it open. 

How can that be?

{Feenja Blog Entry 010}

Video Message from Feenja

{Feenja Blog Entry 009}

I have been in this strange environment for a few days now and have been able to secure my shelter even better, got oriented and have enough water and food. 

I already avoid the predator areas very well. 
After traces of supposedly a lynx, I have also discovered clues about wolves. 
Therefore I am all the more careful. 

Because I have found a safe and sufficiently free place for a fire, I can soon catch smaller animals and prepare them. 

But I still collect the material for the traps. 
The necessary hole is already dug. 

The discovered water was unfortunately a marshy little lake. 
I cannot do anything with it. 
I would not even eat a fish from it. 
It's too risky. 

But I also found parasitic-eaten tree trunks through which I get nutritious insects and other living creatures. 
The strange shelter I found is apparently already vacated. 
But it can't be long ago. 

I'm staying alert!

{Feenja Blog Entry 008}

Maybe it wasn't so good going right after all.

There are feathers scattered around and it looks like there were lynxes here. I've found tracks all around here.
I'd better stay away from this place if I don't want any trouble.

Oh! What?
They look deliberately put down.
With these sticks ...
I'm gonna see where I'm going with this.

They're getting clearer.
Looks like someone built a temporary bridge here. Is something built back there?

Shit! I better get out of here!

I'll keep an eye on it and stay at a safe distance.
I don't want to run into lynxes or humans.
I'd better go back to my hiding place and decide how to proceed.

It will be dark soon anyway.

from a safe distance

{Feenja Blog Entry 007}

A fork in the road.

It's getting day and I've slept for maybe three hours.
Nevertheless I am wide-awake.
Slowly the morning dew is coming.
I can collect and drink it easily.

Okay, then I'll have a look around again.

I crawled out of this block.
I don't know what this is all about.
Did someone kidnap me?
Is there something else going on?
Am I really alone?

Uh! Looks like there's water behind there.
Maybe a brook, a lake, or at least a pond?
That would be great!
I'll try to get there.

Shit! A fork in the road.
I've dreamed of two passages.
Which way should I go?

The (un)holy sky was scary on the left.
So I'll walk right.