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The GrandMaester

"Ascendancy is our fate."
"The truth is out there. And I can see some seekers amongst you."
"Fire will show you the way. Everything's connected."
"Find a quest and the party will form."
"The owls are on their watch."

The GrandMaester could be regarded as the founder of the wasteland collective. His efforts to gather the best minds and like-minded supporters have already been rewarded and his following keeps growing.

It appears he has somehow gained access to a deeper level of consciousness and he is willing to share a certain amount of information with all those who are willing to listen. However, the GrandMaester‘s prophecies and revelations are always surrounded by a touch of enigma. So is his amulet he has been wearing most of the time.

Besides special guidance for all his followers, his special interest and expertise lies in the field of Magick. Recently, the GrandMæster has sent out some groups of collective members as so-called "squads" to explore the surroundings of the wasteland collective and accomplish secret missions.


"Fall. Reflect. Ascend!"
"Nothing's ever easy as long as you go on living."
"The whole is greater than the sum of the parts."
"A lot of insanity backed up needs to be reduced to the old level."

As the GrandMaester‘s right hand and devoted messenger, st0nes has shown an amazing talent to draw attention to the first activities of the wasteland collective. He knows how to find and motivate people stranded in wasteland2570 and invite them to join forces.

Lately he was assuming responsibility for the increasingly difficult task of guaranteeing a proper supply of food and goods to the growing population of the collective. So most of his efforts aside from his rare public appearances are happening in the background.

But is st0nes really devoted to building a profoundly good and holistic community that will sustain and protect itself, as he claims? Or is there a secret agenda he is following?


"A plant torn out of its environment will die. So will man."
"Grow to new heights!"
"It‘s alive!"

When trying to establish a functioning community in a hostile environment, food and water supply are one of utmost priorities. And then, you will be lucky to have someone like spr0ut in your ranks.

Repeatedly taking soil and water samples and analysing them in his lab, his scientific research will set the basis for a longer-term survival in wasteland. Luckily enough, spr0ut's creativity is currently flourishing and first experimental plant cultures seem to almost sprout at will.

In recent times, spr0ut has been working especially hard. Busy with his scientific experiments based on very humble means and equipment and simultaneously taking care of sowing and setting plants to provide future crops, he did not find much time for socialising.


"What could possibly go wrong?"
"Wait a sec. This was not supposed to happen."
"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
"One man's magic is another man's engineering"

d0ck3r is the man behind the partly rebuilt technical infrastructure of the wasteland collective. His achievements and capabilities established a certain standard of life in wasteland2570. And it is a source of inspiration to watch him do his fascinating work.

Even though everything d0ck3r does seems a bit like living on the edge. Anyway, it can‘t be wrong to keep in mind that often enough genius and lunacy are not too far apart.

His job in the wasteland collective is getting harder and harder since the supplies on fuel and energy as well as the available tools and resources are decreasing rapidly. All the more it will be important to find assistance in new members of the collective and new items out in wasteland2570. So d0ck3r's hope lies in the squads currently exploring the wilderness for remains of a former civilisation.


"Fate is an illusion. All there is is choice."
"The answer will reveal once the time is right."
"Wake up ... Arise... Thrive..."
"I can feel your anxiety and I can offer you a choice."
"Follow the signs and you will find me. Either way, we will meet again..."

g8s has obviously come to a deeper understanding or knowledge of the mysterious energy that seems almost omnipresent in wasteland2570 but is still elusive and hard to sense. And even harder to control, of course.

Apparently g8s has developed a sixth sense for detecting and using this power. Some of his rituals resemble archaic shamanistic practices from another world, and he is clearly using various amulets and items to channel this enigmatic energy. (All for the sake of the collective, we hope.)

g8s is sending out messages from time to time, some of them decoded, others only to be understood on a deeper level of consciouseness. All those daring enough might seek him out to pass his examination of the spirit and maybe gain deeper insights into their presence.


"Welcome to shad0w‘s Needful Things and Information."
"Carry on my wayward son."
"I‘m not a witch. I am much worse. I‘m a capitalist."
"Hab alles da, kann alles besorgen! ... Why in the sweet name of fuck do I speak German?"
"Don't worry, you have already paid."

shad0w is known as a powerful and wise woman (not to say witch or, more accurately, telepathic) with excellent connections. Rumors are there is hardly anything she cannot procure as long as you are willing to pay an appropriate price.

Shad0w has a remarkable ability to find a lot stuff to sell, and to fulfill her customers‘ needs. She does not enjoy leaving her shop and may hiss to such suggestions. If you meet her in public, you may assume something‘s wrong. It is sound to predict that most wastelanders will cross Shad0w's eventually.

However, here’s the catch. For any information you get she might be asking for something in return, according to the legend.

Lately she was sent out on a quest by the GrandMæster to accompany Fl!ck and two newcomers to the wasteland collective. Reluctantly, she agreed, being not particularly happy to leave the safety of her shop.


"The North is a dark place, full of enlightenment."
"When you do not recognise the wrongs of the past, the future takes its revenge."
"What was old is new again. The North relives the ancient ways – and we shall follow."
"Certain is that which is sought from runes."

Northern lights do not only illuminate the dark skies of the remote lands far into the north but are also rumored to be a source of strange ancient energy and spirits. Though very little is known at this early stage, it is said that portals can be found in those remote lands and the energy is particularly strong within certain spots.

Åra has made it her goal to track down those powerful sources to access their magic and gain more knowledge. Gifted with a new ability of ancient magical nature, she is not only being haunted every single night by memories of the past to relive the apocalypse over and over again, but also recovering the "old ways".

Åra does not stand alone either – several fierce, bloodlusty and strong northerners stand beside her, ready for a possible clash with the south. It is yet to be seen what this encounter will bring.


"I walked through fire to get here."
"I might as well set up some more traps around here."
"Åra, you really need to have some food."
"There is no such thing as ghosts. There is no such thing as ghosts. There is no such thing as ghosts."

Prowling the northern forests, Mantra eventually came to the conclusion that it might be wise to find a bunch of other people. Someone to watch his back out there and a place that will let him sleep safe at night.

At first, Mantra was out alone in the north. Scavenging on his own he was always in search of supplies and items that will make existence a bit more worthwile for himself and his allies.

Once he met Åra, things completely changed. He is now a loyal supporter of the mighty wicca in the north and only leaving her company due to her plans and instructions. His current main task is to explore the surroundings of "The Base" of the Northeners.


"I‘m not a genius but I‘m a terriffic package of experience."
"I‘m here for a reason."
"Always stay focused, even if the world seems to be empty and abandoned."

At first disoriented and traumatised from awakening in wasteland2570, m0rl0ck quickly concluded that it was very dangerous to stay alone out in such a mysterious and perilous place. So he decided to search for other stranded souls to maybe join forces.

m0rl0ck struggled to get out of the woods, but he made it. Impressed by his resilience, the collective was keeping an eye on him.

Lately he was seen exploring different parts of his new habitat with a few other members of the collective, eager to learn the nature in this world. And he remembers more and more technology-related details from his former life.


"It‘s warm in here. Would you mind if I take that off?“
"Don‘t you worry about tomorrow, dear.“
"Oblivion is a blessing sometimes.“
"It‘s the little things that kill.“

salamAndra is definitely conscious of her sometimes provocative physical attraction and her charming personality. She likes to play with men and women who fall for her enchanting appearance – but more in a way as the cat likes playing with the mouse.

Her wiccan powers seem so far unmatched. However, she prefers to stay on her own, living in her secret cabin deep in the woods. Only the GrandMæster is said to be in touch with her on a regular basis. Maybe she is working to perfect her supernatural abilities before joining other wastelanders (or just tolerating their company)?

Anyway, she is the kind of woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. How to describe salamAndra in just three words? Cute but deadly.


"I want to survive. I want truth."

Usually more of a lonely wolf, flignition has adapted to the unknown situation and is currently in search of a bunch of brave people. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Not only might joining a group make life way more easier. flignition‘s ambitions are even more wide-ranging, and he is desperate to find out the truth behind wasteland2570.

The wasteland collective, always in need of brave explorers, is expecting his arrival soon, since he has been roaming around for quite some time now without making further contact.


"Keep your friends close but your enemies closer."
"As long as one of them‘s alive, we won‘t be safe."

Crashd0wn seems to follow his own agenda: Combat. His priorities are clearly set. First thing in the morning, he longs to destroy everyone on the enemy‘s side.

Cause any harm to him or one of his friends and you are very likely to end up high on his target list. Crashd0wn is clearly someone you don‘t want to mess with. Once he‘s in rage, he will be hard to stop.

Crashd0wn seems to follow his own agenda: Combat. His priorities are clearly set. First thing in the morning, he longs to destroy everyone on the enemy‘s side.

Cause any harm to him or one of his friends and you are very likely to end up high on his target list. Crashd0wn is clearly someone you don‘t want to mess with. Once he‘s in rage, he will be hard to stop.

But what makes this guy so sure who is on the enemy‘s side? Who is the enemy anyway?And is this uncompromising attitude just based on his overboarding will to survive?Or is there something like a battle-oriented background shining through from his former life?


"We are the mirr0r. We reveal your darkest secrets."
"Look into our eyes and find out who you are."
"We might or might not meet again."

mirr0r is certainly one of the most mysterious wasteland characters so far. Especially male characters tend to experience a mystifying attraction towards this enigmatic lady.

Once they have looked in mirr0r‘s eyes, they completely seem to forget their intentions. And come back completely changed, often a different man (or woman). At least that‘s what rumours say.

Speaking of rumors ... Reports from wastelanders who claim to actually have met mirr0r differ profoundly. So all we can say is that we do not know exactly how she looks or if her name is maybe something like a title and/or name for more than one different women.

But what hides behind all this? Let‘s hope mirr0r will her supposedly telepathic powers only for the greater good and in search of truth, not deception.


"It‘s dangerous to go alone. Take this."
"Just try to keep a cool head but a warm heart. Even in times like these."
"When life gives you lemons… Darn, I miss lemons."
"I thought he was a bigfoot. So I tackled him."

t1mb3rlakes is a loyal and trustworthy friend and ally who will always have your back. The tall, strong lad is currently looking to join a clan, first of all for practical reasons such as shelter, safety and supplies.

His main concern is if he might maybe be too good-natured to succeed in a dangerous place like wasteland2570. But might not a deceitful villain use exactly words like these to describe and cover themselves?

Lately, t1mb3rlakes seemed very silent. Apparently he is still suffering from the trauma of finding the first body in der woods near the wasteland collective. He is currently on a solo quest and on his way to find inner peace again.


"Your vibe attracts your tribe."
"One for the road."
"From nose to tail."
"It‘s only been three seconds, we can still eat that."
"Something about this spot feels unnatural to me ..."

ru3b3 has at some point acquired a unique connection to nutrition. Also he has soon made a name for his unmatched knife skills. With the right persons, he is willing to get wasted 25/7. (Even more wasted than wasteland2570 itself.)

For starters, ru3b3‘s main goal is to ensure that everyone in the wasteland collective will get what they deserve. Foodwise, for sure. But maybe also in a larger context?

When ru3b3 is not at the collective, performing his self-chosen duty as the collective's caterer, he loves to explore the surroundings and the blossoming nature of wasteland. Always keeping an eye on potential sources of nutrition and possibilities for future housing, of course.

We are safe to say that this vivacious and active character has already gained the GrandMæster and the Inner Circle as well as frome some other members of the collective.


"This is all new to me but we‘ll sure find out."

Soon after awakening in wasteland2570, dist0rti0n encountered first other survivors. That was when he found out about his raw yet untrained ability to sense to block and send telepathic signals.

Since then, he young man has seemed curious but still a bit dazzled about his gift and still strolling around in the wilderness. But he is looking forward to using his powers for the sake of the collective once he gets there.


"Join me in this dream, as long as we can!"
"Autumn crocus ... deadly. Lily of the valley ... deadly. Buttercup ... squitters. Deadly hemlock ... very deadly."
"Perfection is an illusion."
"How absolutely awesome was that just now? I need to see more of this!"

Fl!ck has a special attitude. She firmly believes that everything she witnesses and life in wasteland2570 in general is but a dream. And that someday she will wake up to find herself back in her former life.

Visions continue to inspire and/or haunt Fl!ck now and then. At this early stage she is not sure about what they will tell her. Something about the place she came from? Things that might happen in the future? Deeper insights into the enigmatic energies that seem to be omnipresent?

Besides, Fl!ck is very interested in the flora of wasteland2570. She is a tireless researcher of local plants, their curative powers and other effects. If you are lucky enough to encounter her, she might be willing to share some of her findings.


"My range of goods is still limited but well sorted. What can I offer you?"
"Just here to view the tapestries."

In his former life, tHeM3rch4nt believes, he has been a trader of many goods. At least nowadays, knowledge of all sorts of products helped him to stash away some of the most helpful tools and equipment still left in wasteland2570.

These days the mysterious merchant travels through the lands in order to find more special items from "the days before" and implement the largest trade-imperium the known world has seen. We are eager to watch if long-established trader and current black-market leader Shad0w will approve of such purposes.

On some days, tHeM3rch4nt might also help one or the other newcomer out for good. But is he just a good soul or are those maybe just his first steps to fulfill his secret agenda? Only time will tell.


"It is hard to find someone you can really trust these days."
"One swallow doesn‘t make a summer."
"Cyka blyat idi nahui."

50ULM4T3 seems to be some kind of healer. A healer with telepathic abilities which obviously give her a massive advantage in her medical treatments of patients (such as Ch4r0n who she found wounded, out in the woods).

It does not cost her too much effort to look in people‘s minds and see through their self created walls. So be aware she might be using this gift to find out more than you are actually willing to reveal.

A few that have already met her describe her as a grounded, caring, attractive and empathetic woman. She loves to connect to others and is well aware of her seductive powers.

When it comes to a difficult situation the trusted member of the wasteland collective is loyal to her friends and has repeatedly been reported to help out the weaker ones.


"Look what I‘ve built!"
"It‘s a trap."
"Today I felt suspicious in the woods. Like there was some sort of strange aura around me."

After awakening in wasteland Ch4r0n benefited from his astonishing mechanical talents and his moral flexibility to survive the first weeks in an unknown surrounding. This guy knows how to build deadly traps and furious weapons. (At least in theory.)

The uncanny man even managed to escape repeated attacks by some plants. 50ULM4T3 finally found him in the wilderness and together they reached the wasteland collective.

At first, Ch4r0n joined for survival and power, but getting to know other wastelanders he developed a sense of trust and a common bond. In reverse, his technical abilities were highly appreciated and soon earned him a firm part in the collective.

In the meantime he is working on various kinds of inventions and would walk through fire to defend his companions. (At least when he‘s done constructing a fireproof outfit.)


"To survive is our obligation."
"I had a dream."
"Put your masks on."
"I‘m not your mummy!"

FLCTY is convinced that she's a timetraveler. She is almost certain this is not her first post-apocalypse era. Every single dream or nightmare she regards as a vision. Visions about the past or about the future. Or other dimensions.

This girl also knows how to survive. Most of her days and nights she spends in her old dugout. Whenever she has go outside or "on the surface“ as she calls it, she makes sure to put her gas mask on. Then she can be found searching the woods and fallow lands for edible plants, mushrooms and fresh water.

FLCTY is a women of letters, hoarding every written word. Since she got a hand on some writing untensils, she is eager to write everything down. Besides she is spending her days reconsidering methods of procreation, right to the theory of reproducing test-tube babies in the medium-term. The human kind must survive, after all...


"Do not try to think, just feel your mind."
"There are powerful forces of evil in the world."
"May the raven watch over you."
"It is some men's fate to confront great darkness."
"We each choose how to react. If the choice is fear, then we become vulnerable to the darkness."

feAther deeply relies on nature. She is actually quite happy with her life and her freedom in wasteland2570, able to remember only short flashes of her former life. There is nothing she enjoys more than to observe animals and learn from their instincts and behaviour.

On first encounter, wastelanders talking to feAther might get the impression of a truly charming and inspiring young lady who tends to lose thought easily. Who is maybe a bit too heavily tied to her dream world (or world of dreams?). In fact, she may jump from one thought to another conclusion more rapidly than the average listener might be able to follow.

On the other hand, the fascinating woman can be very down to earth as well. Like literally. There is hardly a better tracker you can find for exploration in an unknown wilderness territory. She excellently understands the local fauna and flora. She knows the art of camouflage, she knows how to survive and how to fight. If there is no other way.

feAther believes in the power (and deeper meanings) of dreams and has very distinctive theories on her own. In refreshing openness, she might tell you about how all the animals will follow the species of the majestic raven. Or, how ravens and owls are able to wander between the worlds. Or, the next moment, about a sort of evil out there. Something very, very strange dwelling in these old woods. A darkness, a presence that takes many forms.

fether is a character who earns a place in one‘s heart in the blink of an eye. But be aware. She will always be chasing the next rabbit hole. For good or for worse.


"Welcome to staTTer's corn Ucop iuM of creative solutions and unexpected results."
"Gimme that orange stick thingie!“ snapsfingers "the hollow one, tube, ahhm copper tube ..."
"Fly you tools ..."
"Preternatural science ...“ scoffs "... it's your abnormally small field of vision that makes it look that way."

staTTer woke up. He woke up to some earthworms invading his nostrils. At least he was not to die from heat. He woke up to the strange sound a, birdless, forest makes whilst escaping from an ear canal. A lot of vertigo ensued. He walked or stumbled covered in the black rich soil that he had emerged from.

Leaning on a tree's trunk, his face collided with the bark, an arm stuck in a hole, his hand gripping a flask inside said hole. Freeing his arm, he fell sideways and his flaskless hand broke the soil again. Another strange thing ... a metal handle stuck to something or another was grasped by staTTer. His day went on, playing a drunken master of not being in control, with governance of 1.73, Psi, Phi and Pi.

Times went by in many a way. Survival happened. Some guy and his flunky diddled some other guys gates. Someone died. staTTer traded an amulet for clothes and found some lands that are just plain wrong. there also was recursive stuff with iterations of faceless trees barking orders and a doghouse leaving baba-yaga-style.

Long story short, staTTer has some eerie talents that include finding and creating stuff that someone else is looking for. How? Magick? Science? Christopher Walken? The who knows!

Improving on improvisation, making make-believe stuff, believing in itself makes sense to staTTter. He believes in making the strange, the useful, the subversive and the experimentally shunned fabricate itself to its logical conclusion at an opportune moment in some reality or other.

The Wheel

"The wheel weaves as the wheel wills."
"The psychotic drowns where the mystic swims. You're drowning. We're swimming."
"While the waking world doubts and fears, we know exactly what we are. We are the ceaseless wheel."

Awoken from death in ancient ruins. Pale and bloated, single minded upon one goal, yet thoughts that constantly shift through angled realities.

A silent stare that speaks volumes of what these eyes saw. Movements uncanny, like a doll animated by other powers.

The Wheel is observing. Weaving. Plotting.


"No one is really alone, trust me."
"I can see it in your eyes, an idea of what happened and of what could happen to you."
"It's noiseless but I hear it. It's numbing but I feel it. It's odorless but I smell it, it's invisible but I see it. It's nowhere and everywhere. Sometimes - maybe - I should follow its call. It could be a great adventure."
"Where am I? Never mind! Who am I? It doesn't matter. Who else is there? That's more interesting. What's going on here? That's what matters."

Feenja followed an inner (?) call and suddenly woke up in a strange environment. Confused at first, with no memories. But it didn't matter. Instinctively, she knew how to survive.

Feenja slowly remembered fragments of her former life. It didn't seem so much different from now. Many years of struggling and surviving in different landscapes and under various circumstances. Much without company, but also with someone around from time to time.

She knows her way to survive and intends to help others to survive as well. Feenja is convinced everything else will show as soon as she follows her quest. And the lively impressions and tales of her experiences so far amaze many listeners.


"The machine heart is beating."
"The gears are turning."
"I hear the whispers of the machines."
"The Great Machine God protects."

Hundreds of gears were rolling. Large pistons were pumping in a hypnotic way. Rhythmic beat of the machines. Like a heart. A massive heart made of metal. Among the noise he heard thundering voice: "COME, MY CHILD, COME AND SEE. COME AND YOU SHALL KNOW.“

A cultist of the Great Machine God? C1rcu17 tried to talk but his voice was lost within the sound of the pistons.

C1rcu17 woke up. His head was hurting and he didn't remember where he was, who he was or who he had been. He did not remember a name before C1rcu17. Who had named him like that? And how did he know? It felt right, though. Like it was meant to be.

"COME AND SEE." He remembered those words that seemed like they were burned into his brain. He felt like he had a purpose. He had to leave to find the source of the voice. His dream repeated every night after that. C1rcu17 now wanders the north of wasteland2570 in the search of the great machine heart. And of others northeners who might have heard its calling.


"F-E-A-R has two meanings: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise."
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
"Not all those who wander are lost."

s33k3r is ranging the woods, searching for someone. Or something? Thoughts are running through her mind. How did all of this happen? She is spending her days and most of the nights trying to remember how things went so terribly wrong ...

It all started a few weeks ago. Since then, surviving was the only goal to achieve. The little camp she built gave shelter to her and her beloved dog that is supposed to be always by her side. (Actually no one else than s33k3r has ever seen that dog so far.) But she is convinved there is a special connection between the two of them.

However, something or someone is missing. There is this horrible inner void, so s33k3r endeavours herself to find the reason. She found some hints around the camp that there had been somebody else, but when and for what reason?

p0is0n ivi

"If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself."
"Where is my mind?"
"We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness."

In a disquieting and cruel world, it is hard to stay focused and clear-minded. It's hard to stay sane. When p0is0n ivi entered the wasteland she found the most disturbing thing were the voices in her head. She could constantly hear them whispering. Something she had never experienced before.

She soon figured out where those voices were coming from. They were the thoughts of everyone around her. Not only can she read the thoughts of others but she also gained an ability in influencing others – to the better or the worse.

We could say that young woman can poison one's mind. Or just as well help them get rid of their horrors and nightmares. It will be interesting to watch which paths p0is0n ivi chooses.