Spiritual leader of the Northeners. Mentor of Wiccan representation.

"The North is a dark place, full of enlightenment."
"When you do not recognise the wrongs of the past, the future takes its revenge."
"What was old is new again. The North relives the ancient ways – and we shall follow."
"Certain is that which is sought from runes."

Northern lights do not only illuminate the dark skies of the remote lands far into the north but are also rumored to be a source of strange ancient energy and spirits. Though very little is known at this stage, it is said that portals can be found in those remote lands and the energy is particularly strong within certain spots.

According to some sort of psychic connection established by The GrandMæster and feAther, Åra has made it her goal to track down those powerful sources to access their magic and gain more knowledge. Gifted with a new ability of ancient magical nature, she is not only being haunted every single night by memories of the past to relive the apocalypse over and over again, but also recovering the "old ways".

Åra does not stand alone either – several fierce, bloodlusty and strong northerners are said to stand beside her, ready for a possible clash with the south. It is yet to be seen what this encounter will bring.


{Åra Blog Entry 002}

Report from 1st quest of the Northeners.

I cannot recall the last time I have slept sufficiently. These dreams keep haunting and following me – almost absorbing me. I rather watch the dark skies enhanced by the bewildering and stunning aurora.

Mantra has just come back from his scavenging and we are sitting at our base besides the fire. He reports to have found ruins of an abandoned city and keeps telling me more about supplies ...

This stone. There is something about it, something extraordinary, powerful ... I need to know what it bears inside, its true purpose, what secret power it is protecting. It calls me – over and over again. I need to solve this obscurity.

Mantra snips me out of my thoughts and tells me that I need to have food. He is a good companion and I give in. At least hunting in the woods helps me clear up my head, get connected again with myself and the nature around me. He catches a rabbit with the help of his traps. We skin it, roast it above the flames and after all I eat.

Next morning we decide to head off to this abandoned city. Mantra did mark the way, so he says. Some days have passed and it seems we have gotten lost. Madness is starting to creep its way into my head. The markings we find are not the same, they look different.

3 horizontal lines carved into a tree – have I seen this before somewhere?
I grasp some soil in one hand, holding it in front of me, ready to blow it off – I need guidance, where to go? "Móðir Náttúra. Sýndu mér leiðina!" ...

No!! Too soon to ask such a thing without knowing the impacts yet. I am gifted with power and magic, but I am still inexperienced. Instead I go for another approach. I want to find out if we are surrounded by any sort of magick. Here I stand with Mantra, lost in the woods, forming a triangle shape with my fingers in front of my eyes, leading them slowly away, gesticulating to open my vision up to a different kind of perception.

"töfrasýning sjálfur" ... Nothing. I sink down on my knees, exhausted and indifferent. Almost automatically I start meditating and keep repeating the words "Að vera áfram með náttúruna".

After some minutes I enter a state of transcendency and connect with some sort of spirit. I try to open myself up to it and would accept whatever it bestows me. But in a flash I receive powerful reluctance, get petrified and urge Mantra to flee at once.

Eventually we reach the coastline instead and set up a camp. I take the first watch since I tend to avoid those apocalyptic dreams nevertheless. A couple of hours into the night I notice something at a waterfall closeby. I approach it, ready my bow  and point an arrow into the neck of a butt-naked man showering in the waterfall.

He tries to flee, I however shout at him determined: "if you do one more step, an arrow will penetrate your neck!" The young man seems delusional, is wounded and has a strange accent. He keeps on talking about a “machine god” while I command him to go towards the camp still holding the arrow to his neck from behind. I do not trust him at all and tell Mantra to tie him up.

The young man is being interrogated by both of us. He tells us about  his journey at sea, being washed ashore after days of hunger and thirst. He still keeps on babbling about a "machine god" which irritates me to such a great extent that I start yelling at him: “Forget your machine god! What was old is new again. The North relives the ancient ways – and we shall follow.”

As the young man still insists however I slap him in the face with the words: “Certain is only that which is sought from runes.“ Pitiful lunatic – must have fallen on his head more than once.

I would not show it, but on the inside I regret being so harsh with this poor delusional soul, especially because he is badly wounded and might not survive the next few days. I therefore decide to ask Mother Nature to give me the strength to heal him.

I lean over him, hold my hands over his wounds and speak: "náttúran gefur til baka". The young man heals up, the impact this powerful magical action has on me however, is to be revealed. Certain is only that this young man full of self-deception will remain under my entourage from now on and we are on the right path.

{Åra Blog Entry 001}

The north has awoken and so has my true spirit. There is something restless out there - seeking me, calling me ... 

Although I do not know its nature, my ice-covered soul is drawn to it. In this cold, calm everlasting punishment, tears and thoughts freeze to death. Those infinite and vast empty lands have secrets of their own, buried deep down under the ice. 

Here, where the daylight has long been dead, I shall gather worthy warriors around me! 
Here, where the wrath of frost is taking my breath, I shall find and reveal your hidden powers! 
Here, where my frozen blood does not flow, I shall ascend and seek enlightenment! 
Here, where the only shine comes from a dark burning sky, I shall bring forth my legacy! 

Northern lights, shed your fires and guide my way!