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Inner Circle of the wasteland Collective


Spellcaster of magick representation.

4LE4 is the most recent member of the Inner Circle. Yet we do not know where exactly she came from or how long she has been wandering around in wasteland2570. But the charismatic chaos magician seems to have numerous alliances and connections to more cities than the wasteland collective was even aware about so far.

4LE4 is not a woman of many words. And her reactions are quite unpredictable. You never know if a prophetic whisper will be the ambiguous answer or if she'll scream a spell at you at the top of her voice. However, her skills and her disarming character seem unmatched. The Inner Circle is convinced that her accession will take the whole wasteland collective to new heights.

But until we learn more, let's have a closer look at her: 

I am the power, I control the waves of fate.
Come, disguise my mind.
Time is a lie.
I will know your fate.
In Progress