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The Notherners


Practicioner of Wiccan representation

Northern lights do not only illuminate the dark skies of the remote lands far into the north. They are also rumored to be a source of strange ancient energy and spirits. Though very little is known at this stage, it is said that portals can be found in those remote lands and the energy is particularly strong within certain spots.

According to some sort of psychic connection established by The GrandMæster and feAther, Åra has made it her goal to track down those powerful sources to access their magic and gain more knowledge. Gifted with a new ability of ancient magical nature, she is not only being haunted every single night by memories of the past to relive the apocalypse over and over again, but also recovering the "old ways".

Åra does not stand alone either – several fierce, bloodlusty and strong northerners are said to stand beside her, ready for a possible clash with the south. It is yet to be seen what this encounter will bring.

The North is a dark place full of enlightenment.
When you do not recognise the wrongs of the past, the future takes its revenge.
What was old is new again. The North relives the ancient ways – and we shall follow.
Certain is that which is sought from runes.
In Progress