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The Notherners


Hundreds of gears were rolling. Large pistons were pumping in a hypnotic way. Rhythmic beat of the machines. Like a heart. A massive heart made of metal.

Among the noise he heard thundering voice, "Come, my child, come and see. Come and you shall know.“

A cultist of the Great Machine God? C1rcu17 tried to talk but his voice was lost within the sound of the pistons.

C1rcu17 woke up. His head was hurting and he didn't remember where he was, who he was or who he had been. He did not remember a name before C1rcu17. Who had named him like that? And how did he know? It felt right, though. Like it was meant to be.

"Come and see."
He remembered those words that seemed like they were burned into his brain. He felt like he had a purpose. He had to leave to find the source of the voice. His dream repeated every night after that. C1rcu17 now wanders the north of wasteland2570 in the search of the great machine heart. And of others northeners who might have heard its calling.

The machine heart is beating.
The gears are turning.
I hear the whispers of the machines.
The Great Machine God protects.
In Progress