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Member of the wasteland collective


After awakening in wasteland Ch4r0n benefited from his astonishing mechanical talents and his moral flexibility to survive the first weeks in an unknown surrounding. This guy knows how to build deadly traps and furious weapons. At least in theory.

The uncanny man even managed to escape repeated attacks by some plants. 50ULM4T3 finally found him wounded in the wilderness. Together they reached the wasteland collective and eventually got closer during Ch4r0n's treatment.

At first, Ch4r0n joined for survival and power, but getting to know other wastelanders he developed a sense of trust and a common bond. In reverse, his technical abilities were highly appreciated and soon earned him a firm part in the collective.

In the meantime he is working on various kinds of inventions and would walk through fire to defend his companions. At least when he‘s done constructing a fireproof outfit.

Look what I‘ve built!
It‘s a trap.
Today I felt suspicious in the woods. Like there was some sort of strange aura around me.
In Progress