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Inner Circle of the wasteland Collective


d0ck3r is the man behind the partly rebuilt technical infrastructure of the wasteland collective. His achievements and capabilities established a certain standard of life in wasteland2570. It is truely a source of inspiration to watch him do his fascinating work.

However, everything that d0ck3r pursues the spirit of living on the edge. One never knows if one of his inventions is working properly until it is tested in practical use. Trial and error seems to be his personal motto while he is exhausting potentials to the max. It can‘t be wrong to keep in mind that often enough genius and madness are not too far apart...

His job inside the homebase which he hardly leaves is getting harder and harder since supplies on fuel, energy, and available tools and resources are decreasing rapidly. So d0ck3r's hope lies in the squads currently exploring the wilderness for remains of a former civilisation, for resources, replacement materials and new items.

He obviously prefers to work on his own instead of leaving the safety of the wasteland collective's homebase. But any wastelander who procures spare parts or other resources might earn d0ck3r's trust and favour.

What could possibly go wrong?
I can't figure out why it's not working.
Wait a sec. This was not supposed to happen.
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
In Progress