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Member of the wasteland collective


Mentor of Visionary representation.

feAther deeply relies on nature. She is actually quite happy with her life and her freedom in wasteland2570, able to remember only short flashes of her former life. There is nothing she enjoys more than to observe animals and learn from their instincts and behaviour.

On first encounter, wastelanders talking to feAther might get the impression of a truly charming and inspiring young lady who tends to lose thought easily. Who is maybe a bit too heavily tied to her dream world (or world of dreams?). In fact, she may jump from one thought to another conclusion more rapidly than the average listener might be able to follow.

On the other hand, the fascinating woman can be very down to earth as well. Like literally. There is hardly a better tracker you can find for exploration in an unknown wilderness territory. She excellently understands the local fauna and flora. She knows the art of camouflage, she knows how to survive and how to fight. If there is no other way.

feAther believes in the power (and deeper meanings) of dreams and has very distinctive theories on her own. In refreshing openness, she might tell you about how all the animals will follow the species of the majestic raven. Or, how ravens and owls are able to wander between the worlds. Or, the next moment, about a sort of evil out there. Something very, very strange dwelling in these old woods. A darkness, a presence that takes many forms.

feAther is a character who earns a place in one‘s heart in the blink of an eye. But be aware. She will always be chasing the next rabbit hole. For good or for worse.

Do not try to think, just feel your mind.
There are powerful forces of evil in the world.
May the raven watch over you.
It is some men's fate to confront great darkness.
We each choose how to react. If the choice is fear, then we become vulnerable to the darkness.
In Progress