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Practicioner of Visionary representation

Fl!ck has a very special attitude. She firmly believes that everything she witnesses (and wasteland life in general) is nothing but a dream. This implies that someday she would wake up to find herself back in her former life.

However, for now visions continue to inspire and/or haunt Fl!ck. Not always is she sure about what they are about to tell her. Something about the place she came from? Things that might happen in the future? Events that already happend or might still happen?

Due to her observation skills and her sharp mind with regard to supernatural phenomena, she developed a deeper insight into the enigmatic energies that are omnipresent in wasteland. Using an hourglass and a crystal as paraphernalia to enhance her visions, she has become an inspired practicioner of (non-black) magic and a competent mentor of Visionary representation.

Besides, Fl!ck is very interested in the flora of wasteland2570. She is a tireless researcher of local plants, their curative powers and other effects. If you are lucky enough to encounter her, she might be willing to share some of her findings.

Join me in this dream, as long as we can!
Autumn crocus... deadly. Lily of the valley... deadly. Buttercup... squitters. Deadly hemlock... very deadly.
Perfection is an illusion.
Gosh! How absolutely awesome was that just now? I need to see more of this!
Time is a lie.
In Progress