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Currently Missing


Mentor of Shamanistic representation

To the day of his surprising disappearance, the uncanny shaman with the uneven eyes was supposed to have come to a deeper understanding or knowledge of the mysterious energy that seems almost omnipresent in wasteland2570 but is still elusive and hard to sense. And even harder to control, of course.

Apparently g8s had developed a sixth sense for detecting and using this power. Some of his rituals resembled archaic shamanistic practices from another world, and he was clearly using various amulets and items to channel this enigmatic energy.

Whereever he is now, may he be safe and "may the spirits guide his way".

Fate is an illusion. All there is is choice.
The answer will reveal once the time is right.
Wake up ... Arise... Thrive...
I can feel your anxiety and I can offer you a choice.
Follow the signs and you will find me. Either way, we will meet again...
In Progress