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The Notherners


At first, Mantra was out alone in the north. Scavenging on his own, he was constantly in search of supplies and items that would make existence a bit more worthwile for himself and his allies.

Having prowled the northern forests for weeks, Mantra eventually came to the conclusion that it might be wise to find a bunch of other people. Someone to watch his back out there. And to gather in a place that would let him sleep safely at night.

Then he met Åra. Mantra soon became a loyal supporter of the mighty wicca in the north, only leaving her company due to her plans and instructions. Both now share a deep bonding and the beefy viking always looks after his companion, even ensuring that Åra remembers to eat when she has been drifting off again in magical studies or rituals.

Their current main task is to explore the surroundings of "The Base" of the Northeners. Not much else is currently known about The Northeners, since the psychic connection from the wasteland collective suddenly broke down for unknown reasons.

I walked through FIRE to get here.
I might as well set up some more traps around here.
Åra, you really need to have some food.
There is no such thing as ghosts. There is no such thing as ghosts. There is no such thing as ghosts.
In Progress