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Member of the wasteland collective


rh0nd4 is a spontaneous, curious and creative gaeilge girl who truely listens to her guts. When it matters, she is the one for unexpected solutions in connection with her powerful gift.

She often perceives voices in her thoughts and dreams, be that from humans or nature. Rocks, trees, herbs, animals and the occasional whisper from something indescribable reach her.

These words are not always good, neither that bad - directions, solutions, warnings ... Occasionally they make no sense whatsoever but are always attended by moods and scents.

Increasingly she is also receiving pictures in her mind, sometimes matching the messages, and then there are these symbols popping up. Communicating via roinsteen, she is progressively learning to use her new skills for sending answers with more then words for- and backwards to the sources.

To stay centred in her influenced life, she likes to create stuff - more or less useful, often just aesthetic and mostly beautiful. rh0nd4 totally loves to connect with people, to play pranks and to celebrate.

Creativity is the key to inner freedom.
Don’t trust all the voices all the time. Sometimes they aren’t very smart.
See the beauty behind a stick.
In Progress