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At some point, ru3b3 must have acquired a unique connection to nutrition. Also he has soon made a name for his unmatched knife skills. With the right persons, he is willing to get wasted 25/7. (Even more wasted than wasteland2570 itself.)

For starters, ru3b3‘s main goal is to ensure that everyone in the wasteland collective will get what they deserve. Foodwise, for sure. But maybe also in a larger context?

When ru3b3 is not at the collective, performing his self-chosen duty as the collective's caterer, he loves to explore the surroundings and the blossoming nature of wasteland. Always keeping an eye on potential sources of nutrition and possibilities for future housing, of course.

We are safe to say that this vivacious and active character has already gained the GrandMæster and the Inner Circle as well as frome some other members of the collective.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.
One for the road.
From nose to tail.
It‘s only been three seconds, we can still eat that.
Something about this spot feels unnatural to me...
In Progress