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Member of the wasteland collective


Mentor of Telepathic representation.

Shad0w is known as a powerful and wise woman, not to say witch (since she is more of a telepath than a wicca). She is said to have excellent connections. Rumors are that there is hardly anything she cannot procure, as long as you are willing to pay an appropriate price.

Though she seems to have a remarkable gift to find vendible objects and information out of nowhere, she does not enjoy leaving her shop that goes by the euphonious name “Shad0w’s Needful Things and Information”.

Unwanted encounters or suggestions might be answered by an occasional hissing. If you meet Shad0w in public, you can assume something‘s really off. Still, it is sound to predict that most wastelanders will cross Shad0w's ways eventually. However, here’s the catch. For any information you get she might be asking for something in return, according to the legend.

In Taurus Moon, she was sent out on a quest by the GrandMæster to accompany Fl!ck and two newcomers to the wasteland collective. Reluctantly, she agreed, being not particularly happy to leave the safety of her shop. After some traumatising events she decided to stay in her shop for the near future.

Welcome to Shad0w‘s Needful Things and Information.
Carry on, my wayward son.
Don't worry. You have already paid.
I‘m not a witch. I am much worse. I‘m a capitalist.
In Progress