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Inner Circle of the wasteland Collective


When trying to establish a functioning community in a hostile environment, food and water supply are one of utmost priorities. And then, you will be lucky to have someone like spr0ut in your ranks.

Repeatedly taking soil and water samples and analysing them in his lab, his scientific research will set the basis for a longer-term survival in wasteland. Luckily enough, spr0ut's creativity is currently flourishing and first experimental plant cultures seem to almost sprout at will.

In recent times, spr0ut has been working tirelessly, basically day and night, and therefore did not find much time for socialising. Outside he took samples of soil and water and prepared the ground for sowing, behind the closed doors of his improvised lab he was suspected to perform experiments – some life-saving and useful, others more obscure.

A plant torn out of its environment will die. So will man.
Grow to new heights!
It‘s alive!
In Progress