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Inner Circle of the wasteland Collective


As the GrandMæster‘s right hand and skillful messenger, st0nes has shown an amazing talent in organisation - an ability that is priceless in the maintenance of the wasteland collective. This man also knows how to find and motivate people stranded in the post-apocalyptic wilderness and convince them to join forces.

Soon he took over responsibility for the increasingly difficult task of guaranteeing a proper supply of food and goods for the growing crowd. So most of his efforts aside from his rare public appearances are happening in the background.

His sense of duty seems legendary. All the more he was confused when he recently found notes in his own handwriting that he hardly made sense and he could not remember to have written. And one other question remains: is st0nes' motivation really to build up a holistic community that will sustain and protect itself, as he claims? Or is there a secret agenda he is following?

Fall. Reflect. Ascend!
Nothing's ever easy as long as you go on living.
The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
A lot of insanity backed up needs to be reduced to the old level.
In Progress