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the dre4mc4tcher

The dre4mc4tcher is one of the most mysterious characters so far. feAther claims to have seen this weird man in repeated dreams until she met him in person on one of her trips through the woods. Too flummoxed to establish contact, she decided to back off and consult the Inner Circle about the apparition of this unexpected, eerie figure.

Once she had told others about the dre4mc4tcher, those characters started seeing a man with a purple hat and a walking stick as well. Always lurking in the background, always watching in silence...

This leaves of course a lot of questions. Is the dre4mc4tcher a real person or just a projection? Is it a coincidence that only people who already heard about him take notice? What is his agenda? Does he speak? And once he speaks, what secrets will he be willing to share?

Are you the dreamer? Or are you part of the dream? Aren't we all part of someone else's dreams?
've been watching you in your sleep.
Your sacrifice has been denied. Think more obscenely. Burn brighter and go deeper in your dreams.
Sigils are cold.
In Progress