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Inner Circle of the wasteland Collective

The GrandMaester

Mentor of Magick representation.

The GrandMaester was the first to discover remains of a sparse settlement, in a rural area that else was completely deserted. At some point he spotted four rusty silos near a wooden farmhouse, to some degree equipped and with bleak catacombs beneath.

The buildings were all abandoned and vacant but after days and days of wandering around through a surreal wilderness, he somehow felt at home. The place seemed like the right spot to settle down and establish a first homebase and eventually found the wasteland collective.

It appears that The GrandMaester has somehow gained access to a deeper level of consciousness and he is willing to share a certain amount of information with all those who are prepared to listen. However, his prophecies and revelations are always surrounded by a touch of enigma. So are his amulets he has been wearing most of the time.

Besides special guidance for all his followers, his special interest and expertise lies in the field of Magick. Starting back in Taurus Moon of Year 1, the GrandMaester has sent out some groups of collective members as so-called "squads" to explore the surroundings of the wasteland collective and accomplish secret missions.

Fire will show you the way.
Ascendancy is our fate.
Everything is connected.
The truth is out there. And I can see some seekers amongst you.
The owls are on their watch.
In Progress