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Tinker and Trader

In his former life, tHeM3rch4nt believes, he has been a trader of many goods. At least nowadays, knowledge of all sorts of products helped him to stash away some of the most helpful tools and equipment still left in wasteland2570.

These days the mysterious merchant travels through the lands in order to find more special items from "the days before" and implement the largest trade-imperium the known world has seen. We are eager to watch if long-established trader and current black-market leader Shad0w will approve of such purposes.

On some days, tHeM3rch4nt might also help one or the other newcomer out for good. But is he just a good soul or are those maybe just his first steps to fulfill his secret agenda? Only time will tell.

My range of goods is still limited but well sorted. What can I offer you?
Just here to view the tapestries.
In Progress