Inner Circle of the wasteland collective.

"The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword."
"In a new world order, the right of the strongest is to be replaced by the strength of justice."

Recently another character joined the wasteland collective, among some other newcomers. His first weeks in the headquarters, f4v5t mostly spent his time with The GrandMæster and d0ck3r, engaging in intense conversations behind closed doors.

f4v5t definitely seems like a man of focus, commitment and sheer will. Still, many wastelanders were surprised he was chosen to fill the vacant position in the Inner Circle after g8s had disappeared. Motives behind this move remain unclear. The GrandMæster only dropped some vague phrases about "keeping the balance of night and day" and a "prophecy fulfilling itself as soon as the right decisions were made".


{f4v5t Blog Entry 001}

The Prophets of Ashfaroth's letter to the wasteland collective

So, The Prophets of Ashfaroth have asked us to return "stolen" books from "their" library. The Prophets of Ashfaroth therefore claim that we stole their books.

Where do they derive this claim from? "Stealing" presupposes that the item had been the property of another person and was wrongfully taken. On what do they base their claim? 

Consequently knowledge gained from these books would belong only to them? Knowledge must be accessible to every person, regardless of their descent, beliefs or affiliation! Especially if it concerns such valuable knowledge from our common past. 

All of us are in research of where we came from, who we were and what happened before. The Prophets of Ashfaroth allow this knowledge to be shared only among the citizens of Ashville respectively their sinister cult. This is unacceptable! 

With clear conscience, we can justify that the Prophets of Astaroth have unjustly appropriated this knowledge, these books, themselves. They themselves have stolen it from generality by locking it away. A squad of our fellow wasteland collective members has merely given us access to knowledge that already belongs to us, to all citizens of the wasteland. 

I thus hold that no wrong has been done. Therefore, let us keep the knowledge that is ours, even if only by writing transcripts. But we shall never have this knowledge locked away, such as The Prophets of Ashfaroth did. Only then, we could be charged with a crime. 

Therefore, I recommend to refuse the return of the books and instead making them accessible to everyone here wasteland. Let us stand up for it and defend the right of knowledge.

In a new world order, the right of the strongest is to be replaced by the strength of justice.

signed f4v5t

PS: The oh so wise Prophets of Ashfaroth did not specify from when to count the 7 days.