Member of the wasteland collective. Mentor of Visionary representation.

"Join me in this dream, as long as we can!"
"Autumn crocus ... deadly. Lily of the valley ... deadly. Buttercup ... squitters. Deadly hemlock ... very deadly."
"Perfection is an illusion."
"Gosh! How absolutely awesome was that just now? I need to see more of this!"

Fl!ck has a very special attitude. She firmly believes that everything she witnesses (and wasteland life in general) is nothing but a dream. This implies that someday she would wake up to find herself back in her former life.

However, for now visions continue to inspire and/or haunt Fl!ck. Not always is she sure about what they are about to tell her. Something about the place she came from? Things that might happen in the future? Events that already happend or might still happen?

Due to her observation skills and her sharp mind with regard to supernatural phenomena, she developed a deeper insight into the enigmatic energies that are omnipresent in wasteland. Using an hourglass and a crystal as paraphernalia to enhance her visions, she has become an inspired practicioner of (non-black) magic and a competent mentor of Visionary representation.

Besides, Fl!ck is very interested in the flora of wasteland2570. She is a tireless researcher of local plants, their curative powers and other effects. If you are lucky enough to encounter her, she might be willing to share some of her findings.


{Fl!ck Blog Entry 006}

With the help of Hekate

To my great surprise the GrandMaester asked me for help. I had never talked to him before, I've only listened to some of his speeches and, to be honest, I was happy that he never searched my attention. There is something in his appearance that makes me shiver. His eyes have a strange look and to me he has spooky spider fingers …

He told me that he found a shirt in the woods, at exactly the same place where he had found his amulet one year before. The strange thing was that he thought he would know it from some sort of former live, felt as if it had belonged to him one day. 

I told him that to my opinion everything that happens in wasteland is nothing but a dream and somehow there must be a way out of here. So I assured him my help.
feAther, the Grandmaester and I met at the night of Hekate to perform a ritual, so
feAther and I could take a closer LOOK at this shirt. 

My dear feAther who is also talented to SEE things, but in a very different way then me, noticed a strange smell. She thought it was not from here, not from the wasteland. I took my crystal, hummed a little melody, tried to become one with the shirt and started to SEE. I saw green spirals, turning into lines and back into spirals again. After a few moments it faded away.

I was speechless. Never before had I seen spirals in my crytals, nor the color green. I told the Grandmaester that I didn't have an answer for him, that I needed to SEE more.

After our analysis we threw onions and knotted strings into the fire. I asked Hekate to help me understand better what is happening in this dreamland. And soon after I had (been given?) an idea.

The Grandmaester agreed to show feAther and me the place where he found the amulet and the shirt, so we can take a better LOOK. g8s will also join us. Maybe this little weirdo will detect more than us. I can't wait to leave but the GrandMaester said the stars had to be right. So we are planning to start our quest next week ...

{Fl!ck Blog Entry 005}

Explore, and don't bleed! (2/2)

However, one day I had a breakthrough. It was a foggy and cold day ... as always. I prepared my crystal and my hourglass and sang a little melody, which I find very comforting to get me into the optimal mood. I chose my favorite position and then I had the intuition to sacrifice a drop of blood, which I did. 

I was overwhelmed as I opened my eyes to SEE! There was no pulse in the lines, it seemed time stood still and I was perfectly able to see where each line was going. The red ones went deep in the ground to the roots of the plants. The orange ones
went to the rocks and within the plants and the yellow ones weren't lines, it was more some sort of dust - everywhere in between. 

I have never seen something so beautiful! And then my drop of blood hit the ground and smashed the whole picture. A wave of blue chaotic dust flushed over my sight and blinded me. I sank to the ground and started to hyperventilate.

Fear took me, I couldn't see anymore. After a view minutes or hours, I have no idea, I managed to calm myself. Eventually I could think again. What was that???

After this experience I went back to the camp, I was too confused to stay alone in the woods any longer.

My conclusion of this: I need to explore more, but I shall be very cautious about using blood again!

{Fl!ck Blog Entry 004}

Explore, and don't bleed! (1/2)

Oh dear, it seems finding my way back to my world is getting harder than I thought it would be. The fog is getting thicker. It' turning colder. The trees have lost their leaves und the animals are becoming silent, so some sort of season change is happening apparently. Good to know!

During the “summer” I have been pretty productive. After my last quest I thought I had found the tin can from my dreams, but I was mistaken. It kept coming back in my dreams, moving und spinning, haunting me. 

So I went back to the three old buildings that we found. I searched the old
cellar again, but I couldn't find anything interesting there, and I wasn't able to open the other two doors. I decided to accept the fact that it would stay in my dreams until I found it, whenever that would be. And so it's been living happily ever after!

On my way back, I chose a different way. After a day I found a dead man, who was pretty decayed and he stank awfully. But he had a backpack filled with useful stuff which of course I took, everything else would have been a waste. Lucky me!
After this nice surprise and with new equipment I stayed in the woods for a few weeks and started to LOOK a bit closer. 

At first it was really frustrating, because I couldn't control this mighty gift that I had received in the strange dream. But after a while of trying I
realised that I mustn't control it. It controls me and if I want so SEE, I need it to let go. So I did. Oh gosh, what an experience! So much beauty lives around us! I started to see patterns in the lines. Mostly the colors are red, orange and yellow. The pulsing depends on my heartbeat, which means I have to remain calm and fearless inside - or else I would only see my own magic. 

What a task! 
I can't really manage it until today. I need to practice more.

{Fl!ck Blog Entry 003}

Shad0w, m0rl0ck, s33k3r and I were were sent out by the Grandmaester to explore the area and look for food, supplies etc. So we first followed the creek west and then north, downstream the Stillwater River. 

The first night near the river I had a dream about a spinning tin can hidden in a tunnel. And I heard a knocking. I got really excited and I wanted to find this place. 

After two or three more days of walking, the vegetation started to change. It seemed the trees and plants haven't been reached by the touch of spring yet. I had some sort of vision as I looked up to the hill: g8s and feAther walking by, accompanied by a tall man with a funny hat. We followed their path and reached a strange tree. m0rl0ck saw the three of them vanishing before that tree. 

I tried to take a closer look at that tree and I sacrificed some blood, but no matter how hard I tried, nothing happened. Besides, I don't even know if our visions were from the past or from the future! Maybe this will never happen … 

We decided to leave this place and find our way straight back to our headquarters. After one day of walking through the woods we found small valley. Three old buildings with three massive doors, all locked. We tried our best and managed to open one door. In an old, rotten earth cellar we found the can from my dream. So I think I had this dream to lead me to those tunnels. 

The most interesting findings were some letters on some pieces of coal in a pile: D, D, D, I, I, C (or U?), O, N, R, L – Lord Niddic, what else? 

I have no idea what the meaning of this is! I also found a rock crystal. I shall use it when I try to SEE the next time. We decided that maybe some other, more capable wastelanders could search behind the other doors. 

Who knows what could be waiting there for us? Afterwards we reached the headquarters without problems. When I tried to LOOK at this special tree, I gave some of my own blood. I know that something happened or something was different because of the blood. As if the spell was stronger or as if it wouldn't affect my sanity. 

If this is really so, we need to discuss this matter! Who gets fed by this blood? Do the Wronglands play any role in this matter? 

Maybe I should explore there a bit more. I need to talk to someone who has been there.

{Fl!ck Blog Entry 002}

Lately I witnessed something that I cannot understand completely. But I shall try to describe it. 

I was in the woods last evening, marching through beautiful twilight, watching squirrels and deer on my way. As I looked closer, I realised one deer had scratches at its neck and it was limping. Slowly it was searching the ground for food, turning acorns and snatching after herbs. 

And then it happened. The moment the deeer's tongue touched a particular herb, it felt as if someone put some sort of glasses in front of my eyes, to make me see for a moment what really lingers out here. 

Colours I had never before seen in such intensity pulsated in patterns, moving in circles, changing direction and colour, from a slow pulsating to fast one. I saw this sort of energy moving from the herb to the deer. 

A tear dropped from my eye, I was overwhelmed. I had never experienced something so beautiful in my life before! 

And all within one second – or had it been hours? I couldn't say – I felt cold and confused, feeling a rapid heartbeat in my chest. I closed my eyes and I forced myself to breathe again, breathe slowly and deeply. 

After a few deep breaths, I managed to calmed myself and my brain started working again. But what was that? When I opened my eyes, I could see the crust of the deer's wounds fall off. They closed all by themselves, and after a few more heartbeats, the scratches were gone. And just like that the deer ran away, deeper into the woods, as if nothing had ever happened. 

I walked closer to the herb the deer had been eating. I recognised it as potentilla erecta – bloodroot – though I had no idea where or when I had gained that sort of knowledge. 

The name just appeared in my mind out of nowhere. But intuitively I remembered bloodroot as a herb which stops bleeding when applied onto a wound. My thoughts to all of this: There is more and more evidence that this is not the world I used to live in. 

But how can I know for sure if I can't remember my former life? It seems as if animals knew which herbs can bring a cure. And obviously there' more to herbs are more than I thought there was. 

On the other hand: How absolutely awesome was that just now?!?

{Fl!ck Blog Entry 001}

I woke up again. 
Did I? 
It doesn't feel like it. 

The last days have been pretty tough. No other soul to talk to, wandering through the woods, sleeping in caves. Sometimes, when I listen too closely to my thoughts, I perceive some sort of flashes. I feel like home, a comforting sensation only to be gone after a few heartbeats. 

This light dizziness in my head never seems to pass away. Now and then I have this thin invisible curtain of permanent moving waves in my sight which hardens my suspicion that this place cannot be real. But if it's not real, where am I? 

For my own sanity, I shall call this a dream. One day I shall wake up again and be where I should be. 

Whatever happened and how hard and lonely life is right now, I have never felt such freedom before! 
So why not enjoy what has been given to me? 
Why not live it up in this dreamland?