"To survive is our obligation."
"I had a dream."
"Put your masks on."
"I‘m not your mummy!"

FLCTY is convinced that she's a time traveler. She is almost certain this is not her first post-apocalypse era. Every single dream or nightmare she regards as a vision. Visions about the past or about the future. Or other dimensions.

This enigmatic woman also knows how to survive. Most of her days and nights she spends in her old dugout. Whenever she has go outside or "on the surface" as she calls it, she makes sure to put her gas mask on. Then she can be found searching the woods and fallow lands for edible plants, mushrooms and fresh water.

FLCTY is a women of letters, hoarding every written word. Since she got a hand on some writing untensils, she is eager to write everything down. Besides she is spending her days reconsidering methods of procreation, right to the theory of reproducing test-tube babies in the medium-term. The human kind must survive, after all...


{FLCTY Blog Entry 001}

Just returned from trawling the woods, been on the surface for many hours. 
I saw something. 

Behind some shrubs, hidden in the long, yellowed grass. It looked like the body of an animal. 

Animal? Do animals still exist here? Living creatures other than human? I sneaked towards it, slowly. But this being seemed to be asleep. Then I could see it better. It was a young deer. 

I go to it. And saw it was dead. I kneeled down. Some tears trickled down my cheeks, behind my gasmask. The body was still warm. It died not long ago. But why was it dead? 

After a few minutes of grieving, my stomach began to hurt. Again. And it made some worrying noises. For five days, I haven‘t eaten now. I found no plants, mushrooms or roots. This area is dead and still dying. So, I'm very hungry. 

Can I eat a dead deer? Is this acceptable? It is, it was a beautiful creature. And I'm starving to death. But I can’t eat another being that was alive a few hours before. It would be the same as eating another human being. It’s not reasonable. Both is disgusting and kinky. 

Intelligence creatures do not eat meat, not from a dead body. I would rather die. 

After remaining some more minutes, I started to pet the head of the deer and wished him all the best, for his way to the otherworld. 

Time to leave this aera. 
I must search for a better place.