Member of the wasteland collective. Novice of Visionary representation.

"I‘m not a genius but I‘m a terriffic package of experience."
"I‘m here for a reason."
"Always stay focused, even if the world seems to be empty and abandoned."

At first disoriented and traumatised from awakening in wasteland2570, m0rl0ck quickly concluded that it was very dangerous to stay alone out in such a mysterious and perilous place. So he decided to search for other stranded souls to maybe join forces.

m0rl0ck struggled to get out of the woods, but he made it. Impressed by his resilience, the wasteland collective that had already been keeping an eye on him welcomed the accomplished man with open arms.

On one of his solo investigations m0rl0ck discovered ruins and managed to find an old compass, a priceless aid in further exploration. At some opportunity he realised he had visionary talent as well and is now striving to advance this skill.

Lately m0rl0ck was seen exploring different parts of his new habitat with a few other members of the collective, eager to learn the nature in this world. And he remembers more and more technology-related details from his former life.


{m0rl0ck Blog Entry 002}

Am I insane?

I was sent out by the GrandMaester to explore the area and gather supplies along with the Squad Of Bees. I had a really strange out-of-body experience on that journey. It felt like I was able to look into the future for a few seconds. 

Back then I thought I was hallucinating. I’ve eaten a lot of wild plants I don’t know since I’m here, so I supposed that it was just a side effect of my nutrition.

After that journey I spent a lot of time alone in the wilderness trying to understand what happened out there. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I tried to force another vision just to make sure I’m not crazy. I'd almost given up when it suddenly happened. Then the feeling was back! 

I somehow left my body and witnessed myself walking through the woods. All of a sudden I was back in my body. I was still on the same spot. Immediately I followed the way I saw in my vision. That way ended at an old ruin. I could feel that something was hidden between the bricks. When I checked the wall, I found a small golden object. Finally, something tangible!

I have seen such a thing before. I think it’s a compass. As far as I can remember, the needle should always point north, but this needle sometimes seems to change direction, just for the blink of an eye. Maybe there is some kind of connection between the compass and my visions?

I need more information about this visionary power. The GrandMaester told me that Fl!ck and feAther, two other members of the collective, have greater knowledge about visionary skills. I really need to talk to them.

{m0rl0ck Blog Entry 001}

This place must be either a second chance or the punishment for some dark doings in my former life, I don't know. But I'm certain about one thing: "I'm here for a reason." 

It took me quite a lot of strength to make it this far. Gladly I found three keys to survival in wasteland2570. 
One kept me warm. 
One saved me from dehydration. 
One kept me awake when I was almost dying. 

I was searching for a place to rest and regain power for days already when I met this mysterious old man who showed me the path to a hideout in the woods. At first I didn't trust him, but then I saw this triangle glyph on his arm which somehow seemed familiar and trustworthy enough to give him a chance. Good decision! 

I used the time in my shelter to rest my tired body and I felt strong enough to continue my journey afterwards. I'm exploring different parts of my new habitat every day to learn the laws of nature in this world. Hopefully I will also find some kindred spirits soon.

But I am confident that I will have success on my journey because I can already feel a strong bonding between wasteland2570 and me. Flashbacks from my former life gave me back more and more abilities in the field of information technology. 

With my new skills I am finally able to present myself to the collective. I'm not a genius but I'm a terrific package of experience.