wastelander. Independent practicioner of Telepathic representation.

"We are the mirr0r. We reveal your darkest secrets."
"Look into our eyes and find out who you are."
"We might or might not meet again."

Very few do we know about mirr0r. Especially male characters tend to experience a mystifying attraction towards this enigmatic lady.
Once they have looked in mirr0r‘s eyes, they completely seem to forget their intentions. And come back completely changed, often a different man (or woman). At least that‘s what rumours say.

Speaking of rumors ... Reports from wastelanders who claim to actually have met mirr0r differ profoundly. So all we can say is that we do not know exactly how she looks or if her name is maybe something like a title and/or name for more than one different women.

But what hides behind all this? Let‘s hope mirr0r will her supposedly telepathic powers only for the greater good and in search of truth, not deception.