Member of the wasteland collective.

"Your vibe attracts your tribe."
"One for the road."
"From nose to tail."
"It‘s only been three seconds, we can still eat that."
"Something about this spot feels unnatural to me ..."

At some point, ru3b3 must have acquired a unique connection to nutrition. Also he has soon made a name for his unmatched knife skills. With the right persons, he is willing to get wasted 25/7. (Even more wasted than wasteland2570 itself.)

For starters, ru3b3‘s main goal is to ensure that everyone in the wasteland collective will get what they deserve. Foodwise, for sure. But maybe also in a larger context?

When ru3b3 is not at the collective, performing his self-chosen duty as the collective's caterer, he loves to explore the surroundings and the blossoming nature of wasteland. Always keeping an eye on potential sources of nutrition and possibilities for future housing, of course.

We are safe to say that this vivacious and active character has already gained the GrandMæster and the Inner Circle as well as frome some other members of the collective.


{ru3b3 Blog Entry 007}

Well, after returning from the Squad of Crossroads, a whole lot of talking, guessing and thinking had to be done. 

And recreational excercise, of course.
But my impatience got the better of me. Again.

Feeling held behind by the mostly theoretical efforts of others, I decided to go my own ways for some weeks or so... 

As suggested earlier, my plan was to follow the power lines. They NEED to be leading somewhere interesting.

Packed my stuff amongst other things and off I went - left a note, though. 
After all, this should not be a farewell forever...

So off to the woods I went...
Curious what challenges awaited me.

So off to the woods I went...

{ru3b3 Blog Entry 007}

Luckily enough, I found some sort of shelter for the night ... But who had built it? It doesn't feel that "natural" at all ... 

It seems like somebody used the fire place not to long ago... I wonder if it was for heat only, or might they have found something worthy to - I can't believe I am thinking this - actually cook? 

... and what is that massive concrete structure I keep seeing in my dreams? I can't wrap my head around it, but it reminds me of the concrete block I emerged earlier ... Further exploration is needed, but I have no business with this supernatural stuff ... 

The woods are beautiful, but something definitely feels off. Some of the trees don't strike me as healthy ... Parts of the bark are missing ... Or there's only the bark left. Something, or somebody, obviously collected them ... 

Ah, finally, the essence of life... But this water tastes yucky. I am afraid I am going to regret drinking it ... 

The landscape gets rocky as I follow the river upstream. It's getting colder as well ... maybe I find a flintstone in order to keep myself warm during the nights ... 

One upside though: that water is getting clearer with every step I take to emerge the woods ... One might almost find it ... drinkable ... 

I shall rest again.

{ru3b3 Blog Entry 006}

Long have I been thinking about this, but no rest shall I have. 

I am leaving this place. Unexpected this is. Unknown voices are calling me.


I have to leave this place. Sunset. The time seems right ... 

Try to get away from it ... It's always an adavantage to have the yellow pest in the back – it lights your way and keeps others from seeing you. 

Follow the tracks I must – let's see where it takes me... 
With an eye on the future and one on my surroundings, I shall remain cautious... 

--r----------------3------------------3------ -------u---------------------b--------------- 
-----o---------n-----------t--------o----u--r --------------------------------------------- 

Hours later. 
It's getting dark. 

I've walked for a long time, and when I could not walk anymore, I did some walking. And walking. Again. 

Exhausted I feel, seems like a place to rest ... 

Night surrounds me, surrounds this life.

{ru3b3 Blog Entry 005}

I've been exploring the woods for days now, searching for roots, leaves and other sources of nutrition – with little success.

Then, I found some mushrooms ... Growing under an unknown tree. I was suspicous at first, but then the hunger got the best of me.

Oh my, they tasted awful, but then again, at least something to fill the void in my stomach.

But the relief did not last long – soon, the hallucinations kicked in. Strange images and feelings took over, I completely lost it.

I began to scrutinize the symbols on my skin – or under it?

Flashbacks of pride and and pain – haven't I seen similar paintings on others?

Why exactly these motives? Are they in some way special to me or my former self? I need to find answers ...

... and food.
After I awoke, my mind seemed kind of empty and exhausted, but still left with some tasks to fullfill ...

What kind of poison did I take?
I need to get organised.
Maybe I can find the spot where the mushrooms grow again?
Others need to be warned, some might even find them useful ...

But who can I talk to about this?

Mmmh, mushrooms ...

{ru3b3 Blog Entry 002}

Found some new items in an abandoned hut ... 

Dreams of usage keep reoccuring... 

Well, I can imagine a lot of operation areas for that knife. 
Also, I seem to remember a drink where the withered herbs came to use … 

Gin toxic, or something?