Member of the wasteland collective. Practicioner of Shamanistic representation.

"F-E-A-R has two meanings: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise."
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
"Not all those who wander are lost."

At many occasions, s33k3r is ranging the woods, apparently searching for someone. Or something? Thoughts keep running through her mind. How did all of this happen? She tends to spend her days and most of the nights trying to remember how and when things went so terribly wrong ...

At first, survival was her only goal to achieve. The little camp she built provided shelter to her - and to her beloved dog that she claims to be always by her side. Although, actually, no one else than s33k3r has ever seen that dog so far.

However, she feels something or someone is still missing. As long as she feels this horrible inner void, s33k3r endeavours herself to find the reason. She already found some hints. Until she figures out what is really going on, she has proven herself as a reliable adventurer when joining other wastelanders in an investigation out in the wilderness.


{s33k3r Blog Entry 002}

Today me and Luna, my beloved dog, wandered through the woods. Suddenly she stopped, looked up to the trees and tried to catch the smell of an unknown visitor.

After some time of searching the treetops, I saw the reason why my friend was so excited. There was a little fluffy something on the tree just next to us! With a closer look I found out that it was a squirrel.

Maybe even THE squirrel feAther was so concerned about lately?
I have to ask her if this beautiful something we saw is her little friend.

Maybe even THE Squirrel?

{s33k3r Blog Entry 001}

Out exploring with the Squad of Bees (1/2)

I suddenly remember ...

We started our journey on a cloudy day in spring. At least we thought it was spring because the days were getting longer, and nature was blooming. 

It was a full moon's night, and the wind was blowing. Hard times were to come for the wastelanders. More people arriving meant more food was needed. So the main task of our quest was to explore and gather some food. Also some other things we needed for our daily survival.

If we were lucky, we even might get some other supplies for the collective, such as gas and fuel for d0ck3r's generator. 

Fl!ck, m0rl0ck, Shad0w and me had been chosen by the GrandMaester to go as Squad of Bees. We decided to go through the woods, to find the river g8s had mentioned.  And everything went well, we arrived at the river and found a nice place to stay. The first night, Fl!ck had a mysterious dream about a tunnel. Nobody of us could tell what was behind that.

As soon as daybreak, Shad0w used her abilities to kind of dive into Fl!ck's mind and rewatch her dream. There was a tin can spinning. She also heard something or someone knock on a wall.

During his night's watch, m0rl0ck had discovered an abandoned fire place by the river. So next thing we wanted to do was to examine it in the light of the day.