Member of the wasteland collective. Mentor of Telepathic representation.

"Welcome to Shad0w‘s Needful Things and Information."
"Carry on, my wayward son."
"I‘m not a witch. I am much worse. I‘m a capitalist."
"Hab alles da, kann alles besorgen! ... Why in the sweet name of fuck do I speak German?"
"Don't worry, you have already paid."

Shad0w is known as a powerful and wise woman, not to say witch (since she is more of a telepath than a wicca). She is said to have excellent connections. Rumors are that there is hardly anything she cannot procure, as long as you are willing to pay an appropriate price.

Though she seems to have a remarkable gift to find vendible objects and information out of nowhere, she does not enjoy leaving her shop that goes by the euphonious name “Shad0w’s Needful Things and Information”.

Unwanted encounters or suggestions might be answered by an occasional hissing. If you meet Shad0w in public, you can assume something‘s really off. Still, it is sound to predict that most wastelanders will cross Shad0w's ways eventually. However, here’s the catch. For any information you get she might be asking for something in return, according to the legend.

In Taurus Moon, she was sent out on a quest by the GrandMæster to accompany Fl!ck and two newcomers to the wasteland collective. Reluctantly, she agreed, being not particularly happy to leave the safety of her shop. After some traumatising events she decided to stay in her shop for the near future.


{Shad0w Blog Entry 005}

Took a quick stroll around my shop today. GrandMæster encouraged me to get outside. I’m still not convinced. But I saw a flock of crows. Almost seemed like they've been waiting for me. 
Crows always make me think of feAther.
Oh fuck, she's calling me.

Almost seemed like they've been waiting for me.

{shad0w Blog Entry 004}

The thing was gone, but I didn't feel safe anymore. How did it get there? How could I have not noticed any (unknown?) intruder? Whom can I trust?

Another night without sleep. I have to protect my shop. 
I have to protect my wares. 
I have to protect my information. 

I need more information. But I don’t want to get out.
I need allies.
Whom can I trust?


We are a collective of survivors. That doesn’t mean anything, on the long run. Am I still all alone? There are those that came from the concrete block. I’m not one of them. At least I think so. 
Are they to be trusted? 
Whom can I trust?

I need more information. 
I need more information. 
I need more...



{shad0w Blog Entry 003}

I am used to finding things. But I am definitely not used to things finding me. Sleep wasn’t an option, I had an eerie feeling that sent me downstairs to my shop.
I was not prepared for this.

My safe place, my own last resort, my haven had been compromised. I felt sheer terror. I know every and last piece in my shop, and I was sure that red thing had not been there when I closed for the night.

The locks on my door seemed untouched. Still, there it was, staring at me. Mocking me. Laughing at me. How can an inanimate object laugh at you, you ask? Well, come here and find out.

It took all my strength to touch it. Against my fears, it didn’t electrocute me. Well, might be because it wasn’t attached to any energy source. Still, I didn’t trust that thing. HOW THE FUCK DID IT GET IN MY SHOP?

Ok Shad0w, breathe in, breathe out.

I will ask d0ck3r for help. Oh my FUCKING gods, or demons, or whatever, I HATE asking for help. But I have to get that abomination out of my shop…

{Shad0w Blog Entry 001}

Welcome to Shad0w‘s Needful Things & Information. 

I am pleased to let you know that new trading goods have arrived. 

* assorted cables 
* kitchen knife (slightly rusty but will still kill) 
* mirror 
* stones 
* comb (some teeth missing) 
* expired medication (try at own risk) 
* crystal ball (ghosts sold separately) 
* duct tape (price: your soul or best offer) 
* book „Capital. A Critique of Political Economy “ by Karl Marx 
* book „Moonchild“ by Aleister Crowley 
* box of matches 
* folding spade (slight traces of usage and mysterious brown stains) 
* hourglass can of baked beans 
* camping cooker 
* gas cartridge 
* assorted ropes 
* sleeping bag (used, zip broken, smells kinda funny) 
* the answer to the question about life, the universe and everything 

Ask for weekly special offers.