"It‘s dangerous to go alone. Take this."
"Just try to keep a cool head but a warm heart. Even in times like these."
"When life gives you lemons… Darn, I miss lemons."
"I thought he was a bigfoot. So I tackled him."

t1mb3rlakes is a loyal and trustworthy friend and ally who will always have your back. The tall, strong lad is currently looking to join a clan, first of all for practical reasons such as shelter, safety and supplies.

His main concern is if he might maybe be too good-natured to succeed in a dangerous place like wasteland2570. But might not a deceitful villain use exactly words like these to describe and cover themselves?

Lately, t1mb3rlakes seemed very silent. Apparently he is still suffering from the trauma of finding the first body in der woods near the wasteland collective. He is currently on a solo quest and on his way to find inner peace again.