"Try to end the future, and I will end you."

Telxvi isn't as much of an amnesiac as he pretends to be. There is a deceptive void in both his gaze and words. A singularity of purpose that appears to dispel his humanity entirely, unless the opposite suits his current goals.

He is a fire-breather, an information juggler, and would be the loudest person in the room, if not for the predators always at the periphery of his vision, just out of sight, but for him and with absolute certainty - entirely real.

Plagued rather than helped by those instincts, he will never admit they allow him to survive. His fears lie not in the last or current, but the next collapse.

He will openly declare himself a humanist, subscribe to the highest ideas and concepts he believes will keep humanity ethically pure and called to shepherd what's left of the planet. He was sometimes called an idealist for these views and his following actions. However, he would just call himself a pragmatist.

What he will share of his past through teeth barbed with lies usually amounts to little more than rhetoric, believing that every confusing contradiction served to the world in this manner buys him another second to get the jump on his enemies and allies alike.
In Telxvi's mind, those two are often enough one and the same.