The GrandMæster

Inner Circle of the wasteland collective. Mentor of Magick representation.

"Ascendancy is our fate."
"The truth is out there. And I can see some seekers amongst you."
"Fire will show you the way. Everything's connected."
"Find a quest and the party will form."
"The owls are on their watch."

The GrandMæster was the first to discover remains of a sparse settlement, in an area that else was completely deserted. At some point he spotted four rusty silos near a wooden farmhouse, to some degree equipped and with bleak catacombs beneath.

The buildings were all abandoned and vacant but after days and days of wandering around through a surreal wilderness, he somehow felt at home. The place seemed like the right spot to settle down and establish a first homebase and eventually found the wasteland collective.

It appears that The GrandMæster has somehow gained access to a deeper level of consciousness and he is willing to share a certain amount of information with all those who are prepared to listen. However, his prophecies and revelations are always surrounded by a touch of enigma. So is his amulet he has been wearing most of the time.

Besides special guidance for all his followers, his special interest and expertise lies in the field of Magick. Starting back in Taurus Moon, the GrandMæster has sent out some groups of collective members as so-called "squads" to explore the surroundings of the wasteland collective and accomplish secret missions.


{The GrandMæster Blog Entry 005}

There are theories that we exist in a world created through causal chains, meaning a sequence of events that leads to a particular incident. Everything that happens does so for a reason, nothing occurs in a vacuum. We may or may not be able to see these causal chains clearly, but they are always present.

There are other theories claiming that fate, or determination, is a lie and everything is based on cosmic chaos.

Once I claimed „Everything is connected“. Looking at current events, I am not so sure about that anymore. And even if I knew, it would not be my task to convince you of either option.

All we have are theories. Still we have to make a decision. A decision that might have a severe influence on the wasteland collective‘s future. I can feel it in my dreams, as I can smell it in the air and in the pines.

My best intuition is to let the majority decide. And be it only based on our lack of certainty. May it be the right one, what ever this means for the wasteland collective. And may the Old Gods guide our way to a bright future.

- The GrandMæster

{The GrandMaester Blog Entry 004}

I had one of those dreams tonight. Again ...

Most of the time I was carrying around some animal with black fur and pointy teeth. Or, rather a dark fairy it was, to be precise. Turned out that dark fairy was my child. Or at least I had I created it by virtue of my will ...

Anyway, I awoke breathlessly and alone. I could feel my sanity dropping. Again. 
Need someone to talk to. Someone I can trust.

Too many wastelanders have been behaving strangely.
That comet.
The impossible notes.
Too many incidents of high strangeness. 
Too many secrets ...

Things have been getting odd lately. I can still hear Fl!ck's and feAther's words ringing in my ears.  "It's not from here" they said about the shirt I had found in the woods. The same place I had found my amulet. One year before, to the day.

We have to get out there.  Again.
We have to explore and analyse.

And to the place where it all began. The concrete block.

feAther, Fl!ck, g8s and I will go.
Should we not return, the collective will face difficult times. 
But I feel we have to go. As soon as the stars are right ...

{The GrandMaester Blog Entry 003}

A year has passed.
What can you remember?

Two worlds bleeding into each other. 
Two realities. Or even more?
Different timelines.
Liminal rites.

My chronicles of one year are almost finished.

Wastelanders, assemble.
Find yourselves and burn brighter.
The fourteenth key is yet to be spread.
May fire lead us on our ways.

{The GrandMaester Blog Entry 002}

There is some sort of evil out there. I can feel it. 
Something very, very strange in these old woods. 

An amazing amount of hopeful souls is gathering around us. 
Everything is happening as predicted. 

Leaving glyphes to decipher was the right choice. 
But times are dark. They found a body in the woods. 
I wonder if he was on his way to join the collective. 

We have to listen to our half-forgotten dreams. 
I will send out someone to contact listening post alpha.

{The GrandMaester Blog Entry 001}

Scripted from the GrandMæster's first public speech.

I feel a different spirit pumping through my veins. 

As long as there is truth there will always be hope. 

Transcendence is our fate. 
Ascendancy is our fate. 
Fire will show us the way. 
And truth only shall I speak. 

Everything is connected.
And the day may come when all the pieces fit.
This very day, enlightenment will set in for every being with an awakened mind.