The Wheel

Member of the wasteland collective. Novice of Magick representation.

"The wheel weaves as the wheel wills."
"The psychotic drowns where the mystic swims. You're drowning. We're swimming.
While the waking world doubts and fears, we know exactly what we are. We are the ceaseless wheel."

Awoken from death in ancient ruins. Pale and bloated, single minded upon one goal, yet thoughts that constantly shift through angled realities.

A silent stare that speaks volumes of what these eyes saw. Movements uncanny, like a doll animated by other powers. The Wheel is observing. Weaving. Plotting.

Lately the gifted novice of magick chose to seclude himself, probably to pursue his studies in the fields of the supernatural on his own.


{The Wheel Blog Entry 002}

The Wheel delivered an short analysis of staTTer's ritual from a magickal standpoint.

The ritual itself was well prepared, the ingredients for the scrying were all there. His will seemed strong and the effects sent ripples through the wasteland's web of the essence. Yet he had to fail nonetheless. 

When you're searching for darkness, darkness will find you and it doesn't only take a strong will to defend against it, but also a focused one. 

Single-mindedness is like the tip of a deadly arrow, cast onto the enemy. For when a mind is strong, but not focused enough, it can be like a forgotten arrow, hurting its own master.

{The Wheel Blog Entry 001}

The Wheel delivered an alternate analysis to the GrandMæster's answer to g8s from a numerlological standpoint.

33: honesty, compassion, inspiration, courage, and blessings; master number in numerology; highest degree in freemasonry.

444: love, encouragement, and support; magical things to come.

555: the wheel of fate is moving (yes, we are); changes ahead.

7777: rewards after hard work; succeeding and having self-control.

Concluded in one sentence: Following the GrandMæster will grant us rewards and, like the old God Seth, we will be "great of magic(k)".