Member of the wasteland collective. Practicioner of Wiccan representation.

"Wandering in dark woods, in moonless nights, searching ...
Which path to take? Bright sun of the night, light my way. Guide me."

"At the darkest of night, the stars shine the brightest. Per Aspera ad Astra."

"There is something dark out there, I can feel it. Or is it within myself? Whom can I trust? Can I even trust myself? Various souls living inside me. Fighting each other. Embrace the darkness within yourself, for it will only consume you when you fear your fire."

TR!NiTY recently joined the wasteland collective, proving herself to be right on the threshold of becoming a powerful pursuer of Wiccan magic. She could be referred to as a very unpredictable person. Sometimes she appears to be a very social being, enjoying the company other wastelanders and playing an active part in the collective.

Then one may notice very curious side, even childish side of her personality and get the impression of a very bubbling and cheerful personality. All this makes her a highly caring and loving person - at least occasionally.

At other times, TR!NiTY can be very quiet and prefers to spend time on her own. Then she seems very much lost in her very own dream world. You can often find her wandering in the endless forests of wasteland2570. Both by day and night. Searching for something ... without knowing what that something might be.

TR!NiTY appears to be restlessly drawn to the unknown and unexplored places out there in darkest of woods. Almost as if something out there was calling her. She also appears to be very drawn to the moon. Some say at nights of the full moon she was seen to be howling with the wolves. Those lunatics …

The talented wicca seems to draw a lot of energy and inspiration from nature and believes in the power of the ancient ways.

TR!NiTY is struggling with her identity. She feels there are various different sides of her personality within her. Some kind of darkness that she feels within her. Hunting her. Resonating to the darkness of the woods out there. She is both afraid and curious about this dark side, this fire within her. She feels there lies a lot of power in this darkness. But what will happen if she lets this dark side out? Will she be able to control that fire inside her or will it consume her? Can she trust herself enough?


{TR!NiTY Blog Entry 002}

It’s dawn, almost nightfall already. Tonight will be a full moon again. 
I know I won’t find any sleep, any rest tonight. 

Too many questions, thoughts, emotions keep hunting me. Too much that I don’t really want to think of, as of yet. At the same time, I feel myself being pulled outside, out in those seemingly endless woods. 

Sometimes, my mind is filled with a mixture of  peacefulness and quietness on the one hand and endless darkness and danger on the other hand. There’s something thrilling and exciting about that mixture. Even addictive.

Do you know the feeling when you jump off a cliff into unknown waters below? Seconds of falling, disorientation, you don’t know what to expect in those unknown waters below. Such thoughts are rushing through your mind, fast as lighting strikes. That's when you feel alive.

What exactly will await you in those waters below? How deep are they? How dark are they? Too dark for you to be able to see anything? Is something lurking in those waters, waiting to drag you deeper down? Will you ever emerge to the surface of the water again? Or will you not even come this far and just straight away shatter on the surface like broken glass? 

At the same time, you feel the adrenaline kicking in. Rushing through your body, your entire system in full action. As a consequence, you feel yourself being strangely pulled to those unknown waters. Your curiosity takes the better of you and you’re just dying to find out the answers to all those questions. To experience the adrenaline rush at first hand. Again and again. 

There’s something out there, something that needs yet to be discovered. And I’m curious about it. 

{TR!NiTY Blog Entry 001}

I could stare at the water forever. Such beauty, such quietness and yet such a power lies within this lake. 

The water seems so calm, so still, so soothing in its quietness. I wonder if it’s trying to lure you in.

To step in the water, further and further, go deeper and deeper until you find yourself being trapped. Drowning in the depths of those deep, dark waters. Completely surrounded and swallowed by the darkness around you. 

I can’t withhold a chuckle at that thought. Funny to think of something like this at the sight of a beautiful, calm lake. Coincidence? 

Because are there not depths of darkness within every person, every one of us? I feel something deep, rising within my subconsciousness at that thought. I quickly push these feelings and thoughts aside. There’s no time for that now. I have more urgent questions at the moment. 

One question keeps buzzing in my head like an alarm clock. How did I get here? And where did I come from? I can’t remember anything aside from seeing that beautiful lake. I have no memories from before, none at all. As if my conscious thinking began right at the moment where I saw that lake. Did I wake up here? But it can’t be, something must have happened before. I feel there’s more behind that question. Something I need to remember. But it feels almost as if something is blocking my memory.

I feel uneasy all of a sudden. As if an alarm just got on in my head, telling me to be careful. I feel myself being watched. As if eyes were staring at me, watching me, piercing right through me from somewhere behind me. 

I turn around, alarmed. But there’s nothing there, absolutely nothing or no one to be seen. Still, I can feel it so clearly now. Not like eyes as I thought before, more like a kind of dark aura creeping in on me. 

I got so absorbed in my own thoughts that I hadn’t noticed before. I have to be more careful of my surroundings. 

There is something dark out there, I can feel it. I shouldn’t stay here. I should go.