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That depends on what you would like to do. One of the mottos of our project is "Do what you always wanted to do. But do it in wasteland2570".

Role-playing, videos and writing are key areas of wasteland2570.
For all of the above, creating a character would be a good start.

But there is much more, there are many more areas that could be interesting.We are excited about  new ideas and open for collaborations of any kind.

Just get in touch and we will be happy to write, arrange a video call or have one or two beers together over some brainstorming.

Before creating your own wasteland character you should be clear about one thing:

Are you planning to engage in role-playing and blogging?
Or "only" appear in videos and the RPG storyline (as an NPC, short for non-playing-character)?
Both is cool and equally welcome.

For both versions, the usual procedure is as follows:

  1. Find at least one key.
  2. Get in touch with The GrandMaester to discuss some details. This has proven to work out well in either a video call or while having a few drinks together. It will take Tim (aka The GrandMaester) around an hour to give you an introduction and work out some ideas for the character together.
  3. After that, it is time to work on your wasteland outfit and collect some more experience. For example by finding more keys, discovering some of The Thirteen Truths or writing blog entries.
  4. As soon as you feel ready, you let Tim know you feel ready for whatever you want to do. Take a first picture of your character, shoot a video or find a date and a party for a night of RPG.

The former lives of the Inner Circle characters were revealed in Season 1 already. Other players were encouraged to create a back story of their own, meaning that their characters were rooted in "our reality" before they reappeared in wasteland.

In Season 4, former lives will become more important. Talk to a game master of your trust to learn more.

We are confident that more about some players' former lives can be found on this website soon.

That's awesome!
Please just message the band to discuss further details!
Or just drop them a message of Facebook.

The first key you find is your entry ticket to wasteland.
And you know you might fit in there in case you are somehow excited now.

Also, each key you find will earn you 1 XP (experience point) you can use to improve your character.

Read more about the keys here.

The GrandMaester recently received The Thirteen Truths in a vision.
Asked about more details, he remains as mysterious as usual.

"Go back to where you started your search.
Then look down and you shall find a stagnant spark."


In the beginning, the former life was just a detail players could think about to give some more depth to their character.

Since most characters can hardly access memories from their past (at least consciously), this topic was not very present. However, we have good reasons to encourage you to think about this background now.

In Season 4 the former life of your character WILL become important. At least if you are planning to partake role-playing.

There will be nothing you HAVE to do but a lot that you COULD do.

As we know from our own experience, there are times when wastelanders are really on fire (not literally, we hope), and other times when it is hard to find any motivation.
Everything is moving in waves. And this is fine.

So you might get some invites to concerts, gatherings, video shoots or RPG evenings.
But there are no obligations. Promise!

You can bring items and artifacts from this reality (the waking world or our timeline) into wasteland2570. In accordance with your GameMaster, there might might be a chance your character either awoke with, or found, or will find a special item. This could be an amulet, a mysterious ring, an athame, or a Ganesha statuette, just to give you some ideas.

Charmed? Most likely.
Enchanted? Maybe.

So it might be a good idea not to upset practicioners of magic.
On the other hand, they have of course their weaknesses as well.

But to calm all the muggles around here: You do have a certain natural shield of protection against influencing spells. And there are other means of protection. Such as amulets, other artifacts and protection spells. The sorcerer of your trust might know more.

In case you understand German, have a look at this City-Flyer interview.
It will give you some background information on how everything came together.

But in short: It just happened. It felt right. And it worked.
And we suspect there is quite an overlap of metalheads and role-players.

Magic has become quite an important aspect of wasteland2570.

Here you will find more about the Magic Skills and The Magic System.

If you still have questions (and we hope you will), get in touch!

Detailed combat rules for wasteland2570 RPG exist already. We just do not want to share them with the public at this time.

Your combat ratings are noted on your Char Sheet. There are tables for weapons and damage and rules for attacking and defending, on wound care and regeneration and even about psychological harm from losing a fight.

You will learn more as soon as you have created your own wasteland character.

Some background information on the world of wasteland2570 is to be found in this website's section World Building.

Things will probably become clearer once you have entered the wasteland. And/or be determined by your Game Master.

Mostly yes. But there are some exceptions, such as undead animals or attacking plants.

Some plants do have different names, special features, such as windgrass, fevertrees, or wolfsbane.
Some are important for some kind of magical actions, as well.

You will find more details in our section World Building. And more information about animals and plants will be amended very soon.
Thank you for your patience!

Absolutely. We love to fall in love with new talent.

And we are not only looking for new wastelanders to take part in RPG actions but also for NPCs (non-playing characters) and actors and actresses for our videos.

Drop us a few lines about how you found wasteland, what seems appealing to you and add a photo so that we can use that in our next casting rounds.

In wasteland2570, you can collect XPs (Experience Points) in-game and out-game.

In-game (as your character) for quests you mastered and tasks you achieved. There are also rewards for appearing in videos, having a picture of your character online and writing blog entries. But probably the best way to earn experience and give your character a headstart is finding keys and deciphering some of The Thirteen Truths.

Out-game (as yourself, the player) you can collect extra experience by coming to AEONS OF ASHES concerts, partaking on wasteland gatherings or webinars or enhancing the wasteland project in some other way.

There are even more options, we will keep you informed.
If you have a Facebook account, we recommend you join this Group to get regular updates.


This might be your lucky day, a section on earning XPs has recently been added to the website.

This shows you are really on fire!

We are glad to receive your question(s) and add them to the FAQ section.
Please write us an e-mail or contact us on Facebook or Instagram.

Some of the best new questions will be rewarded with 1 XP.