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Media Owner.

Aeons of Ashes
Tim Sklenitzka
Mittelgasse 26
3100 St. Pölten

aeonsofashes [at] gmail.com

Web design, editorial system & support.

wasteland2570 by pier86 / Izaquiel Tomé


Background video by Ben Catman.
Artwork by Georg Knoll and Marco Graßmann.

Subject of enterprise.

Aeons of Ashes is a postmodern death metal band from Austria founded in 2013.

Declaration on the fundamental direction of the medium.

wasteland2570 is a content-based fictional project, using self-produced material only.
The project was launched on November 23rd, 2019 and is constantly growing and developing.

Contact & Management.

Aeons of Ashes
Tim Sklenitzka
aeonsofashes [at] gmail.com

Exemption from liability.

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Aeons of Ashes do not assume any liability or guarantee for the applicability, correctness, and completeness of this information. They are not responsible in any case for concrete and direct damage or consequential damage and other damage of any kind which may occur, for whatever reason, in connection with the direct or indirect use of information accessible on this web site. The same applies to all other websites which are linked to from this site.