Become a part of this postapocalyptic world.

You can enter wasteland2570 with your own character.
Experience, communicate, interact and help us build this postapocalyptic world.

Now, here‘s a short guideline how to create a character in wasteland2570.

1. Find one of the keys.

You need at least one key to join the wasteland Collective.
Find more keys and earn more XP (Experience Points)

Not sure if you found a correct key?

How do I find a key?

2. Submit your character.

  • 2.1. Insert one or more keys.
  • 2.2. Choose character name and gender.
  • 2.3. Enter your e-mail address.
  • 2.4. Drop and a few phrases about your character.
  • 2.5. Find one to four character quotes (optional).
  • 2.6. Send a character picture (optional).

    • Move on to character registration.

      3. Wait for confirmati0n.

      Your registration will be reviewed.
      You will get a notification and more information to your e-mail address.
      Including your current XP rating.

      (Most characters will start with 2 XP for the first key and their application.
      But if they found and submitted more than one key or were rewarded for in- or out-game achievements, that rating might be significantly higher.)

      4. Choose your skills.

      Currently there are 25 mundane skills and 5 supernatural skills available.
      Use our character generator to trade in your XP earned for SkP.

      Download the wasteland2570 skill tree (.PDF file).

      Download the wasteland2570 character generator (.XLS file).

      5. Dive in and collect more XP.

      As soon as your character is online, you will be able to set your own actions and to interact with other wastelanders.
      Creative ideas and smart interactions will be crucial to your survival and success in wasteland2570.
      But keep in mind that in special tasks your character will be only as good as the skill rating indicates.

      And of course – the more you engage in and around wasteland2570, the more XP you will earn.


      We are currently working on an FAQ page.

      Until then you are welcome to post your questions in our Facebook group or send us an e-mail.