to the other world.

Keys are an important feature of wasteland2570. You need to find your first key to create your character. Each additional key will earn you 1 XP (experience point).

Keys are hidden in videos and other postings, or they can even be tracked down at Aeons of Ashes live shows. But only the sharpest minds will be able to find and decipher all the keys. 

In Season 2, they become even more important. Of all the keys you deciphered, you may choose ONE that will give you special benefits in the game. (So knowing more keys gives you a greater choice.)

You can switch your activated keys between quests (but not during a quest).

Some hints for decoding.

Each key is represented by a glyph (looking like a rune or a symbol). Some of these glyphs might completely lead you astray. But on the other hand there are players who deciphered keys based on those glyphs alone.

For each key, there is a prophecy. A prophecy might come in 1 or 4 lines, refer to the appearance of a key in one of the videos or be a riddle on its own. Prophecies are important to decode a key but they are not omnipresent and therefore equal valuable information. (However, information can be traded.)

In autumn/winter 2020/21, further clues on the 14 new keys of Season 2 will keep appearing.

The six older keys.

This was the GrandMaester's prophecy on the first five keys of Season 1:

"Two keys you heard and saw with your eyes,
One key you heard and visualised.
One key is truly masked as stones,
One key reveals itself at dawn."

referring to Episode 1 and Episode 2.

And another prophecy for the sixth key of Season 1:

"Truth may lie beneath the surface,
Hidden in the deepest ground.
Until the key will wash away
What has been buried in the mound."

referring to Episode 3.

Found a key?

You suppose you found a key? Go check.
Add a slash ( / ) and your known or suspected key behind our URL and learn if you are right and/or what new benefits the key might bring.