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"Create your own legend."

That was the basic idea when the Austrian metal band AEONS OF ASHES decided to build up and release their transmedia project wasteland2570 back in 2019. Post-modern death metal meets storytelling meets role-play. A brand-new, interactive concept that might even be globally unique.

So it goes without saying that music is the essence of wasteland. The band’s songs, the distinctive soundscapes, and the ever-evolving plot of the surreal, post-apocalyptic mystery around wasteland are bleeding into and complementing each other.

What happens in wasteland can be changed by each and every player, thus affecting the music that is yet to be written. Sounds like an experiment? It sure is. Even a hypersigil, maybe.

Finally, the full musical wasteland2570 experience is of course best enjoyed at AEONS OF ASHES live shows. Fans who attend these dressed up as their character will get XP as a reward. But more important, it might be a fascinating experience to completely immerse into another world during a metal show.