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The metal band behind wasteland2570

Back in 2013, a new band from Lower Austria's metal stronghold St. Pölten entered the spotlight. Soon AEONS OF ASHES had their first live appearances, supporting renowned acts such as Dark Tranquillity and Tristania in their first year.

In autumn 2014, they released their debut album “Shutdown“ as well as their videos Monocracy and Remember My Name, the latter collecting more than 100.000 views on YouTube to become one of Austria’s most successful metal videos ever.

Numerous club and festival shows in and around Austria included support shows for Illdisposed, Hail of Bullets, and Der Weg einer Freiheit. In November 2017, AEONS OF ASHES' 6-track-EP “Impatience” was released. Two more videos followed, Dying Lights and the explicit animal rights anthem Crown of Creation.

After that, the band entered a process of self-discovery, eventually coming up with a unique new artistic philosophy. In the year 2019, wasteland2570 was created, a post-apocalyptic fantasy universe providing new inspiration for music, lyrics, lore and videos. The interactive concept even included the creation of their own pen-and-paper role play game.

The first EP right out of wasteland2570 was "Impatience" (November 2019). Music videos introducing the public to the enigmatic new universe were Resilience, Shift of Perspective, The Alchemyst, and The Realisation. In the end of 2021, founding member and guitarist Jorgo left the band. His successor f4v5t (pronounced "Faust") was introduced with the live performance video Ascendancy.

AEONS OF ASHES' current musical style can best be described as postmodern death metal. The EP "Anticipation" was released on 29.10.2022 during their most recent wasteland show at Freiraum St. Pölten.

Band Members

Tim Sklenitzka The GrandMaester vocals 02/2013 - present
Georg Knoll st0nes guitar, vocals 02/2013 - present
Christopher Feiertag f4v5t guitar 04/2022 - present
Markus "Mexx" Chmelar d0ck3r bass 02/2013 - present
Clemens Nolz spr0ut drums 07/2015 - present
Jürgen "Jorgo" Trescher g8s guitar 02/2013 - 12/2021
Carlo Magno - drums 02/2013 - 06/2015