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A Dormant Peril

"Dormant Peril" was first performed live in autumn 2021 and recorded in July 2022. Most of the music was written by d0ck3r, showing in the post-rockish vibes of some parts.

Maybe the lyrics are more enigmatic than most others. One explanation could be memories of a lost love from the former life, still haunting The GrandMaester in his visions and dreams. Fortunately later in the song, he seems to have found back into the reality of wasteland2570 for we feel the words get more and more magicky and GrandMaestery towards the ending.

Listen to "A Dormant Peril" on Bandcamp


Watch A Dormant Peril (official lyric video) on YouTube.

We are confident there will be a story video in the near future as well. Stay tuned!


these memories are fragile
they come and go as the tides fall and rise
I watch the crashing waves

like tales of love and laughter
all erased over time

since then the land has broken
and all the skies have changed
still I could never rearrange

my life
suddenly altered
out of all colour
out of my truth

the signs
are making me falter
in search of perspective
I'm chasing my youth

I should have known it back then
we should have known it better
after all the pain

among these tales of sorrow
I curse the night we killed the flame

I catch her scent in the pines
all washed away by the tides

I still regret I could not let her go

in time
I could not help it
a dormant peril

all night
watching the fires
lying awake and
trapped in my mind

reshape the fabric of reality
as the Norns are weaving fate

my fingers deep within their web
becoming a weaver of eternity

all that was
that is
that shall be

we will change
all that was
that is
that shall be

let us change
all that was
that is
that shall be

until then
we lie
we both lie