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The Awakening

"The Awakening" has come a long way. A first attempt by this name, already using some of the riffs that made it to the recorded version, was presented by st0nes back in February 2020. But it was not until two years later that the song was finetuned and vocal lines were written. On 30.04.2022 it was for the first time performed live at ((szene)) Wien, providing an epic last track to AEONS OF ASHES' set.

Parts of lyrics could be seen as a glance on wasteland2570 from a meta-perspective. However, they can as well be interpreted in-game. Lines such as"we awakened a world", "a mystery awakening in you" or "we created something great" could be both a description of the whole wasteland project (or the hypersigil behind), but also be seen in a wider, more mythical or magical context.

Other parts are clearly a praise of Hekate as Goddess of magic, liminality, and entrance-ways, and one of the most valued Old Gods in wasteland. Even a Hekate mantra ("io heka io ho") is used which adds a weird and unexpected touch to a metal song. Chances are that there are other, more hidden meanings included in the lyrics. Fingers crossed that you find your own hints that may help you in difficult situations in wasteland2570. And in other worlds as well.

Listen to "The Awakening" on Bandcamp


We are confident there will be a music video in the near future. Stay tuned!


gasping for mouldy air, screaming a silent scream
wild eyes adapting to the darkness slowly
lying on stamped earth having trouble breathing
smoke burning in your eyes set on a fleeting light

there must be a reason, an explanation
fuck reason and get out, so let’s conjure
another spark is coming, enlightening your lives
the inspiration growing stronger as you choose your side

birthed in the dawn of an autumn’s day
we awakened a world
praise the Old Gods

a mystery awakening in you
there is always a place for one more
now the curtain opens

when you are on the edge
when you can hear the bells
have you considered to become someone else?

so always question
invalid images that might be just a projection
down on you when shadows match
have you considered to become someone else?

step up
one step further

birthed in the dawn of
an autumn’s day
we awakened
a world
and a Goddess

may She bless our collective mind
as long as inspiration stays

praise Her image
that’s the spirit
resurrected and invoked
Hekate, guide our souls

in case of doubt
always question
disturbing images just rescued from the ashes

lose yourself in the dawn

another spark is coming, enlightening your mind
the inspiration growing stronger as we choose our life
io heka io ho
io heka io ho
io heka io ho
abre camino

as I soar high
and I soar wide
I become my words

by dint of magic I become my inner lore
that has been sleeping deep inside

are you sure you are awakened?
then remember this day

out of the void
out of nothing
we created something great

beneath the waters
in the air
all around us
in our faith

we’ve awakened another lore
you shall long for even more