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Time Is a Lie

ignore the borders of the mind 
dimensions of time 
just spread your wings and fly 
I accept a deeper truth 
I believe in the signs 

This song introduces 4LE4 and for the first time combines male and female growls. It is a track bursting with intensity and life. The lyrics are loaded with weird and magickal allusions, possibly hinting at a way to shift timelines.

Synchronicities and high strangeness phenomena have been a significant part of wasteland since its very beginning. "Time is a lie" was first mentioned by visionary Fl!ck before she went missing, moons before 4LE4 joined the Inner Circle.

The song was not only 4LE4's first music video but also the first one to highlight one of the wasteland characters' (4LE4's) "former lives".

Lyrics: Tim Sklenitzka, July Fellner

Listen to "Time Is a Lie" on Bandcamp


Watch 4LE4's very first music video Time Is a Lie on YouTube.

As all music by AEONS OF ASHES this video is inspired by wasteland2570, a self-created post-apocalyptic fantasy world in which the fans and role-players can immerse. The video team around Anthony Jacobson and Dominik Izaquiel Tomé caught the dark atmosphere and turned Time Is a Lie into a captivating masterpiece.

The story switches between our world, showing 4LE4’s former live as “Alex”, and the wasteland reality in which 4LE4 joins the “Inner Circle” of the wasteland collective. Subtle hints of weird time phenomena and magick will stand out to wasteland experts and players.

On a meta perspective, the plot could also be interpreted as a metaphor of July being drawn into the fascination of making metal music and joining a band. And after all, who never had the thought “Time is a lie”?


black mirrors
bleak nights
a blood moon’s up the skies
I feel there’s still a chance
we can turn back events

I’m sensing a change of hearts
but for what? 

all hope turned into screams 
the night we touched the petroglyph
one day the stars may turn
the day the light returns
still your intentions leak
come watch me break the line
black mirrors 
bleak nights

I won’t let you die in the hallway
in shards of your scattered mind
we’ll respawn in the future
prove me time is a lie

and we still long for more
behind closed doors 
for you I change the current
engage in sacred rites
when day bleeds into darkness
we will turn back the time
recover, respawn
the choice is still your own

are you here? 
I fear you died in the hallway 
in shards of your scattered mind 
we’ll respawn in the future 
prove me time is a lie 

dilation of time 
the gravitation of your sight 
ignore the borders of the mind 
dimensions of time 
just spread your wings and fly 
I accept a deeper truth 
I believe in the signs 

you’re shattered, still scared 
yet you are not yourself 
all scattered, aware that there’s still
shards in the hallway 
I still lie wounded but we are alive 
we're still alive 
dream on 
I hold on 

was it all a dream then? 
so let this quest continue 
so let this dream go on 
wake up and respawn