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What is an RPG? What is role-playing?

Role-playing games, often called RPG, are a game of shared storytelling. There is one GameMaster and a few other fellow nerds who meet for a gaming session to play their characters. There are different forms of RPGs, for example pen-and-paper, table top or LARP (live action role-playing).

The GameMaster is the one in charge, deciding about the plot, setting the scene by describing the world, interpreting the other players' actions and therefore telling the whole story. And he or she speaks for other creatures, for any characters our adventurers can meet. Whether they are helpful, indifferent or hostile.

The players slip into the roles of their characters and try to bring the quest to a successful end together. For each character there is a char sheet on which the equipment is noted as well as the characters' skills are rated in numbers, defining the current fitness (both physically and mentally) and strengths and weaknesses in different areas.

And there are dice involved. Usually not only traditional six-sided dice, but at least twenty-sided ones as well. They are important to represent the element of chance. And to check whether players succeed in their intentions such as climbing a rock, opening a blocked door, attacking another character or performing magic.

Popular RPG systems are D&D (Dungeons & Dragons), DSA (Das Schwarze Auge), Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu or Vampire: The Masquerade, to name just a few. So much for the basics. You will find loads of stuff on RPG all over the internet. If you are interested, we encourage you to do your research. It is a pretty awesome kind of entertainment.

The wasteland pen-and-paper RPG

wasteland2570 is a pen-and-paper RPG with its own game rules. Dozens of wasteland2570 role-play evenings have taken place already. We are excited to have an impressive base of regular players already. AEONS OF ASHES vocalist Tim Sklenitzka aka The GrandMaester is not only the mastermind behind wasteland2570 but is also hosting both workshops and many of the role-play sessions himself.

To learn more about the wasteland2570 RPG we have collected further information.

Game Rules | Skill Tree | Magic System | Char Sheet | The Old Gods | Keys | World Building | Wastelog

Check below if you are interested in the upcoming RPG quests. Get in touch if you want to join or need more details. And may the dice be ever in your favour!


Upcoming RPG Quests

Town of Terrors

"Town of Terrors" is the upcoming (and ultimative next) quest in wasteland2570. As you might have read in The Chronicles, the wasteland collective is currently standing in front of another ruined city yet to be explored.

Which wastelanders feel ready for the challenging task to collect first knowledge of the new city? Are there any inhabitants? If yes, are they hostile or open-minded? Will the abandoned city buildings provide a suitable place to set up new headquarters? And how is "The Impossible Girl" involved in all that, a young girl who was spotted by some (but only some) wastelanders when the collective arrived at the abandoned industrial area?

We will find out by the end of 2022.


Last Update on Town of Terrors (13.11.2022)

A league of extraordinary wastelanders feels ready to engage in the path-breaking upcoming quest.

In order to stay discreet and at the same time investigate as much of the city as possible, The GrandMaester suggested to split the brave volunteers into two squads of four.

f4v5t, feAther, s33k3r, Shad0w

bla<k, rh0nd4, staTTer, The GrandMaester

The fate and future of the wasteland collective lies in their hands now.

E C  . C T . H L S . H D E . T U H .
  A H . I Y . O D . A . I D N . R T .

The Ring of st0nes

Not only is "The Ring of st0nes" one of the newest tracks from Aeons of Ashes (to be performed live for the first times in October 2022), but also the name of an upcoming adventure.

Recently, st0nes had thought more and more about the ring he has been wearing around his neck as long as he can remember. Awaking from a dream a few weeks ago, he was suddenly convinced that the ring once belonged to someone who used to be very dear and important to him. The GrandMaester is even of the opinion that finding out more about the ring could reveal important details from st0nes past, and even about the nature of the collective member's stay in wasteland.

As usual in wasteland2570, everything is connected. So the lines of the song contain statements from st0nes and The GrandMaester which might be crucial hints for adventurers who dare to investigate st0nes past. But where (or when) to start?

Adventure to be played in early 2023. Apply here if you want to join the party.

The Alchemyst

"The Alchemyst", based on the music video to the song of the same name, is currently in planning and could become one of wasteland2570's first solo adventures.

After performing the ceremonial magick ritual of Akephalos, also named The Headless Rite, with The GrandMaester, feAther joins forces with m0rl0ck, rh0nd4, s33k3r, staTTer, and TR!NiTY. Their aim is to investigate a bunker nearby the wasteland collective's former headquarter. Newcomers to wasteland2570 are invited to join the group of six and gain first experience in wasteland2570.

Let us know when you are interested to play a solo quest and if you would prefer a text-based click-through RPG game or a PDF to print version.