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Game Rules

Disclaimer: What you will find in this section of the website is nowhere near a fully-worked out RPG system. It is basically our take on explaining what is special and different from other RPG systems. Should you be interested to join a wasteland RPG session, you are likely to get a chance to enter the wasteland and see for yourself.

However, SOME basic game mechanics shall be explained in some more detail.

Skill Checks | Experience Points

What makes wasteland2570 different?

There are a few aspects that make wasteland2570 different from other RPG systems. First, the game starts a while before you sit down at the playing table. To enter the wasteland, your first mission is to find a key. This is your entry ticket that will allow you to contact the wasteland collective and get more information on how to proceed.

Each of the keys you find will also earn you an XP (Experience Point). XPs can be traded for skill points or other benefits, just as you might know from other systems. But there are more ways of gaining experience, even out-game. For example, you can collect XPs by coming to AEONS OF ASHES concerts in your character's outfit. Joining wasteland community events and video shoots will also be rewared, just as writing your own blog. The possibilities are almost endless.

Then, you can bring items and artifacts from this reality (the waking world or our timeline) into wasteland2570. In accordance with your GameMaster, there might might be a chance your character either awoke with, or found, or will find a special item. This could be an amulet, a mysterious ring, an athame, a compass, or a gemstone. Just to give you some ideas. And it is not unlikely these items have some special powers, qualifying them as artifacts.

Much more to find out

You will NOT know many (game) rules before your first session. Neither about combat, nor about regeneration. You will not know which creatures might be encountered or which plants are poisonous. This represents the element of surprise when you awake in an unknown, post-apocalyptic fantasy environment. How COULD you possibly know the rules of a different world (or a parallel reality of the multiverse) if it is your first time?

Magic will not work as in most other systems. There are no pre-defined spells or rituals. You will have to think of all that on your own. Including an estimate of what the chances of success are and what the act of sorcery will cost you. If you are thinking about playing a practicioner of magic, find out more about The Magic System on the according subpage.

wasteland2570 allows deeper immersion than most other role-play systems. If you are open to various areas, you could not only play your character on the gaming table but for example create your own art, map areas to be discovered, write your own blog entries and play act in videos. For the latter, you would have to think about your outfit and your equipment, possibly collect or prepare items. Maybe you would like to scout your own shooting locations. And you have to decide how your character moves and talks and reacts to other wastelanders.

To sum it up, there is a lot behind wasteland2570 that is unusual. We decided NOT to give away all the details. This leaves way more to be discovered, once you enter the wasteland.

However, to give you just another glimpse into the world of wasteland, you are entitled to learn some more about

The Skill Tree | The Magic System | Our Char Sheet | The Old Gods | Keys | World Building

And then there is the wastelog, a relict from our old website to keep track of awarded XPs and general developments in wasteland2570.