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Experience Points

XPs (Experience Points) can be earned both in-game and out-game in wasteland2570, for achievements in the categories below.

XPs are the way to boost your character. You can trade them into

  • Skill Points (SkP, 1 for 1*)
  • Points of Luck (PoL, 1 for 1)

* except for Specialised Skills which are cheaper

How to earn XPs

  • Visual evidence of your character (1 XP maximum)
    Handing in a picture of your wasteland2570 character will earn you 1 XP.
    We recommend having it taken during your first video shoot.
  • Character description (1 XP maximum)
    As soon as your character description goes online, you get another XP.
  • Finding keys (20/21 XPs maximum)
    You will earn 1 XP for each key.
    Currently 20 XPs maximum, maybe one day 21 XPs maximum (in case the foretold 21st key appears).
    Read more about keys.
  • Discovering The Thirteen Truths (13 XPs maximum)
    1 XP for each truth
  • Writing blog entries (30 XPs maximum)
    1 XP for each blog entry up to the 30th blog entry.
    After that, you will enjoy other rewards for more entries.
  • RPG experience (unlimited)
    Participating and succeeding in (or GameMastering) role-play quests is a main source for earning XPs.
    Read more about the role-playing game of wasteland2570.
  • Appearances in wasteland2570 videos (unlimited)
    Being part of a video shoot alone will not earn you any XPs.
    BUT: Anytime footage of you is used in an official wasteland2570 video, there is a good chance you will earn 1 XP.
    (Shorts are usually not rewarded by XP to keep the whole thing less inflationary and the game balanced.)
  • Appearances at Aeons of Ashes shows or wasteland2570 gatherings (unlimited)
    You will be learn more before or after you get there.
    Just go there!
  • Performances (unlimited)
    From a current point of view, this option is only applicable to members of the Inner Circle.
    However, if at some point in the future wasteland shows will include collective members, you will of course be rewarded.
  • Special achievements (unlimited)
    Special achievements were handed out generously in the first moons of wasteland2570.
    The reward efforts to further create or promote the project.
    This might include creative inputs, artworks, building props, scouting shooting locations, acquiring new wastelanders, and much more.
    Chances are, special achievements will be granted more often again in the near future.
    Just give your very best and you shall be rewarded.