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May Your Magic Shine

"Magic done properly will destroy your life.
It's a feature, not a bug."

- Gordon White

These wise words are also, and especially, true for wasteland2570. The Magic System deviates considerably from most other role-play systems. This is why each player who decides to play a magically gifted character is invited to an individual magic workshop.

This approach features the idea that supernatural powers knowledge have a tendency to stay elusive. Even those who study and repeatedly practice (wasteland) magic will find it difficult to fully understand the entire range of the supernatural.

What we can reveal below are just a few facts that seem solid knowledge amongst wasteland residents, even those who are not into magic.


wasteland2570 magic in brief

  • There are five different skill classes: Chaos Magick, Shamanistic, Telepathic, Visionary, and Wiccan skills. These terms refer more to traditions or points of view than to varied abilities. A Wicca could come up with basically the same result as a Telepathic character. Their ways to reach the desired outcome will probably differ, though.
  • There are no pre-fabricated spells or rituals. Each practicioner of magic is required to formulate his intention and perform supporting actions. Once a spell is articulated, the dice decide if it was successful. This works similar to a basic Skill Check. However, sorcerers might not learn immediately if their magic worked. That is up to the GameMaster to decide who can let players roll blindly (without telling them what they need to roll in advance).
  • Each magic action needs to be powered by some source of energy. Theories and approaches might be different from skill class to skill class. Experienced role-players might be surprised that there is no such thing as astral energy or mana points on the character sheet. Why this is the case, will be explained in the magic workshop.
  • Not anything can be achieved by magic. There are boundaries and limits. Of course, consciousness can create reality. But magic is mainly about shifting probabilities, rather than working miracles out of the blue. Events that are extremely unlikely will hardly occur, even if there is magic involved. And there is always a price to pay.
  • For those we can only recommend you try to get in touch with The GrandMaester and ask him for a further introduction into the magic system.


"Magic answers need."
- The GrandMaester